Tara’s Passion – Handling Karl

Fuck it was big, Karl was proud of his cock and he had every right to be. The first time she had him in her mouth she wasn’t the same girl, she still had some innocence. 

Not any more.

There was no way she could get him down, but Fuck her she was going to try. Her tongue licked around his red swelled head like she was enjoying some tasty ice cream. She loved the taste and moaned her pleasure. Sucking as she rubbed his throbbing cock the slurping nose filled her ears. With one deft move she slid him down as far as she could take him. Bobbing her head up and down he pushed down onto his girth. Feeling Karl’s hands grip her hair bad push down to help she felt him reach down her throat a little but fucking hell there was a lot left to get down. 

Pulling back up Tara caught her breath “You know I’ll never get that down don’t you Karl? Ill have to do something else.” She smirked. 

Karl grinned as he looked up to see Tara sucking his end away hard, his already hard cock was getting harder and harder. The intensity overwhelmed him and with a groan his back arched. Keeping him from the edge Tara licked up his swollen vein to the tip, teasing his stretched skin and making him moan louder and louder. 

Moaning every obscenity he could muster Karl ached as Tara slipped her lips around his shaft again and sucked hard bringing him ever closer to that edge that she was teasing him towards. Looking up she watched his writhing body, his heaving chest. She loved doing this to him, sure it was the first time she had it to anyone but it was a huge turn on for her. Not like being fucked by him but she was so wet and turned on. 

Her tongue slipped back to his stretched skin and she teased mercilessly, Karl was grunting that he was getting closer and closer. Then he grunted as the first spurt of his cum shot from his throbbing hardness. Tara sealed head with her lips and sucked him hard, feeling him throb in her mouth she took him deep as Karl moaned Tara’s name is ecstasy. Tara loved the feeling of him throbbing in her mouth and the taste of his warm cum.

When Tara had sucked him dry she looked Karl in the eye and swallowed his load down. Kissing him deeply, her tongue deep in his mouth. “Mhmmm… so much load baby. Just think that normally goes inside me.” She grinned cheekily.

“Where’s Sarah’s toy?” She asked.

“What toy?”

“Fuck off Karl, don’t give me that!” She laughed. Karl got it out from the drawer and handed it to her. Tara removed her bra, slid her panties to the side as she turned it on and started teasing her clit and slipping it inside her. She pinched and rolled her nipples in between her fingers as she played. 

“This bra and panties and caused a lot of trouble haven’t they baby?” Tara winked “After doing that to you I need to cum and you can watch big boy” slipping the toy inside her she made Karl watch and listen to every single thing.


Taking you from behind

​This is part of a two piece collaboration between myself and Tara from Caribou Crossings. We thought it might be fun to crank out a couple of pieces together. The other post is over on her bog do go and have a look!

Look at you in that mirror. You look amazing.

Thanks, baby.

Arms slip around you.

Drawing me closer, I long for you.

Kisses down your neck.

Arching my back, giving you access.

My hand finds your moist sex while my other slips under your bra and pinches and pulls your nipple.

Aahhh god that feels amazing.

Grinding onto me, feeling your want as my fingers invade your body.

I’m drenched, absolutely soaked for you.

Your hands reach out and steady you.

I see your face in the mirror as my fingers fuck you harder and harder.

Fuck me, baby…. oohhh.

Oh baby you’re wet now.

Oh god! I can’t stop! I’ve diving over the edge.

Your body shaking, I feel you cumming and keep up the relentless fucking.

Did that feel good?

Fuck yes, give me more.

I know what will make you look better.


Slipping off your panties, your bra falls to the floor.

Now watch in the mirror as I pull off my top, my jeans fall. My god, you’re hot. Pull down my shorts baby, free my hardness.  

Put your hands back on the mirror. Hold on tight.

Teasing your slit.

I’m throbbing, pulsing for you.

Spanking your ass, oh you like that? Oh yes! Take another and another. Mmmm… your ass looks nice in red.

mmmm fuck, baby. That feels so damn good! Give me more. More!

Gripping your hips.

Dig your fingers into my flesh.

Pushing my hard girth inside you.

Let me feel you deep, deeper.

Pounding your cunt hard, harder… deeper.

Don’t be gentle, let me feel you.

Push back hard baby






Oh, yes!


Yes, harder!

That’s it, I love watching your face as I’m fucking you. Don’t close your eyes baby.


Your eyes gazing into mine, shit that’s sexy.

I love your bouncing tits.

Oh! Hold on to me tight!

Your shaking body.

Oh god! Oh fuck yes! Oh! oohh!! Fuck!

Oh you’re cumming hard, my cock loves it.

You like that? My pussy clenching you.

Fuck you’re tight.


Oh let me feel you! Cum for me, baby!

Gripping you and pulling hard back, shuddering as I cum. Pulling your body hard onto me with every last thrust to get my essence deep inside you.

mmmmm – very nice.

Tara’s Passion – Tied and Teased

“This won’t hurt” Karl insisted.

“Not you anyway!” Tara protested. 

Karl clipped the cuffs shut holding Tara’s hands to the bed “You wanted to find out more about what you like sexually, I think you’ll love this. Trust me.”

Tara nodded “okay, just take it easy” 

“You said that last time, about ten minutes before you went fucking nuts on me.” Karl grinned. 

It was true, last time Tara fucked Karl she started easy and finished fucking hard. But her hands were free then. Here she was naked and bound to Karl’s bed at his mercy. Her chest heaved in anticipation, she wanted Karl again, in the week since he fucked her, fucking him again was all she could think about. After the last cuff was clipped Karl leaned over Tara’s body, their lips teasing before a passionate kiss. Tara’s tongue eagerly danced over Karl’s with his body pressed onto hers her nipples tingled, moving over her whole body. The thought of fucking her sister’s boyfriend again filled her with forbidden excitement.

Karl stroked her hair “You’ll love this, I promise.”

With that the blindfold went over her eyes and she lay there as Karl moved away. The anticipation of what he would do driving Tara crazy.

Feeling him lay back on the bed, she felt her best squeezed and Karl’s eager lips sucking on her already erect nipples. Gasping Tara rode the sensation, feeling her body ache and her pussy tingle. Breathing faster she held on as his fingers rubbed her wet sex. His fingers driving her insane for him as he teased her.

Just as she was on the edge he pulled out and went down the bed. His tongue was over her body, sliding up and down her smooth skin. Sinking lower, lower…

“Oh Fuck!!!” Tara moaned, her wet slit invaded by his tongue. Delving the depths of her wet pussy she writhed, pulling at the cuffs as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm.looking up as if to try and see she pleaded with her lover.

“Please… oh Fuck yes! Please don’t stop!” Throwing her head back and arching wildly the cuffs held her on the bed, helpless as she reached the edge. Karl pulled away.

“You fucking bastard!” Tara yelled at him. 

“Not yet baby girl.” Karl insisted. 

Tara was still writhing wildly, she wanted to cum but just couldn’t. Totally at his mercy she was denied her release. Then she felt a warm liquid on her, his hands rubbing it into every part of her skin. In her heightened arousal when this was torture. 

“Fuck Karl, stop messing about! Fucking hell please!” Tara yelled. 

Karl kept on, the sexual torture continued. Holding her writhing body as much as he could she rubbed beaten her thighs and rubbed her pussy lips. Throwing her head back and arching Tara wanted him to fuck her senseless. He leaned over…

“Now baby girl… I’m going to fuck you!”

“Oh Fuck yes!” 

Her legs pinned right back Karl leaned over and slowly slid his thick cock right up inside Tara. It felt just like last week…. except fucking better! He filled her right up, stretched out she was so close to cumming.

“Oh my fucking God!!! Fuck me now you Fuck and Fuck me hard!” Tara yelled. Pulling of the blindfold Karl gripped her hips as he knelt up and fucked Tara’s tight pussy with every inch of his hardness.

Gripping her throat softly hid hips pounded into her. Tis bouncing, body shaking she was crying out in near anguish as finally she was allowed to cum. Right around his rock hard shaft.

Nothing prepared Tara for his strength as he fucked her. This was not like lat time. This was wild animalistic, raw fucking and Tara came over and over. Shaking her body submitted to his relentless sexual passion.

He leaned over, kissing her wildly she responded as his orgasm rocked his body. Shuddering and pounding her in those last thrusts Tara felt this throbbing cock pumping his thick load into her. Grinding back she wanted to fuck him dry as he throbbed hard deep inside her. 

“You Fuck Karl!” Tara breathlessly puffed.

“Loved it though didn’t you babe?”

“Tara grinned, her hands free finally. Shaking she covered her face to hide the tears running down her face. She never thought sex could do this to her.


Tara’s Passion

I’ve often featured in my stories a girl called Tara. She’s a cute but sex mad and passionate force of nature in my mind. This is the story of how that passion started.

Her sisters birthday was last week and Tara had missed it. With exams and church commitments her mind had been elsewhere. It would be easy to make it up to Sarah as she was always good to her little sister. Well as long as she got what she wanted. Knocking on the door to Sarah’s apartment Karl, her boyfriend opened the door and invited her in.

“She won’t be long I expect.” He explained.

The minutes dragged on and Tara was starting to huff. Then Karl came back into the lounge.

“She’s running late, do you want to wait.? It looks like she’ll be an hour at least!”

“It’s ok, I’ll just leave it on her bed.”

“Tara stepped into the tidy and well organised room, placing the wrapped box on the bed she was about to go then something caught her eye. The black bra and panties laying there. They looked amazing, she held them up to her body and looked at herself in the mirror, imagining if they were hers. Tara didn’t have much in the way of nice sexy clothes.

Then she thought about the mirror, she walked over to it and wondered and all the things it must have seen. Then her eye glanced at the shiny silver cuffs on the beside drawers. She quickly put them back in the bed and was about to go.

“Like them do you Tara?”

“Erm, well…” She didn’t know what to say.

“It’s ok, you can admit it.” Karl smiled as he leaned his manly frame against the door way. “I think you would look amazing in them. Would you like to try them on?” Karl suggested softly.

Going bright red the young brunette was torn. She really wanted to try them on but it seemed so bad and yet so exciting. Nodding Tara picked them up and disappeared to put them on.

“You can use the mirror in the bedroom if you like.” Karl suggested.

“But you’ll see me!” She protested.

“I know. Isn’t that the point? They don’t fit Sarah and I can’t take them back so it would be a shame to not see them used don’t you think?”

The door unbolted and Tara appeared with a towel around her. She waddled towards the mirror and opened them to peek a look. She liked how she looked in them, she looked sexy, felt desirable. Then she felt the towel tugged from her. Karl was behind her looking at her in the mirror from behind.

“You look amazing Tara, don’t you think?”

“I’m not bad.” She admitted reaching four the towel “gimme” she pleaded.

“Not bad?” Karl slipped his hands onto her waist and around her body as he stepped closer to her. She had always found Karl’s masculine body sexy, often she had admired his arms and wondered what it would be like to feel them around her body. But sghe was a good girl and wouldn’t have allowed such forbidden thoughts, let alone actions. Until now.

“You look fucking sexy Tara.” He whispered in her ear. “Sexy enough to… ” He never finished, kissing down her smooth neck with feather like kisses Tara was suddenly lost in words that has melted any resistance into submission, even before the kisses on her neck.

“Oh Fuck” was all that escaped Tara’s lips. Karl’s lips were kissing down her shoulder, but it was his hands that were making her heart pound. His left hand was under the bra, teasing and pinching her nipple while the other was heading south. Sliding under the panties her sex, now wet with desire was being invaded by those large, rough fingers.

Every fibre of her body was pulsating with sexual desire and ecstasy. Passion like this had never found her before, despite the so called sex she had with Cliff behind the Church community centre only last year. She felt his fingers push inside her, her legs weak she placed her hands onto the mirror. Her eyes closed as he plundered her pussy, any trace of resistance vanished into nothing.

“Oh, my fucking God! What are you doing to me?!?” She gasped in surrender.

Karl said nothing but kissed her neck, body trembling at his every touch and stroke, her eyes opened for a moment to see her face and body lost to desire, wanting that intense release just as her eyes closed again and her body shook with orgasm. Lost totally to this forbidden passion as her pussy pulsated around his fingers deep inside her.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck…” was all that Tara could muster from her lips. Karl had only used his fingers, yet the intensity she felt was an explosion compared to Cliff’s efforts. Panting in Karl’s arms Tara was waiting for whatever was next, all she felt was the panties sliding off her and the bra removed.

Turning around to face him she kissed his lips madly as her hands slid under his top, trying to pull it off, halfway up he did the rest. Then that big belt, she pulled at it and released it as her small fingers tackled the buttons. Kneeling down she pulled down his shorts and his semi hard cock sprung out.

Fuck… just Fuck is what Tara thought. Cliff was nothing like that. Tara stroked his impressive manhood, trying to get her fingers around his girth she worked him best she could.

Then she wanted to taste it, she was never going to get much of it in her mouth, but as he leaned back on the drawers she licked around his thick swollen end. The salty precum taste on her tongue she took as much of him in her mouth and she could, slurping and sucking she worked his cock, Karl groaning his hands gripped her hair.

“Good girl baby” Karl groaned, pushing her head deeper onto him.

With a gasp Tara came up for air “I can’t take it! It’s too big.” She panted. “I’m not even sure my pussy will take it.”

“Let’s find out” Karl suggested grinning. Placing her onto the bed Karl parted Tara’s legs, slipping between them he rubbed the thick, swollen end between her wet pussy lips. Gasping and her chest heaving Tara was afraid of it hurting, her sister walking in but somehow she still had to do this. “Be gentle” she pleaded.

With that he eased his thick cock between her lips and inside her. Arching her back she said nothing, she felt him stretch her and slide out.

Then he was back inside her, inching deeper and deeper with every push of his hips. Tara had never felt like this before. Gripping the sheets as he fucked her with his huge girth every Fuck was such sweet torture.

“How is that?” Karl asked.

“Fucking amazing!” Tara gasped. “Is it all in?”

“Not quite”

“Fucking give it to me you sexy Fuck!” Tara demanded. She was here, getting fucked by her sister’s boy friend. She wanted it right now!”

Kissing as he slid his girth into her she moaned into his mouth. She had always fancied Karl now here she was, nothing between them, skin on skin his cock deep inside her. Despite the sinful feel Tara wanted it right now and to never stop. 

In that second she cried out as she felt him enter her completely. His body rubbing on hers, his cock fucking her deep. Every fibre of her body was shaking, her mind lost completely in total surrender she came hard around his cock. Moaning and gasping she came over and over until he stopped, still inside her she opened her eyes to see him staring back.

“Not so bad was it?”

“Fuck it was amazing! Did you cum?”

“Not yet” he grinned “Do you want to try something else?”

“What were you thinking?”

Without a word Karl helped her onto ask fours, looking up Tara saw herself looking back in the mirror. She had already had what was left of her cherry plucked and now holy fuck it was going to get plucked again. Closing her eyes she felt Karl’s hands sliding up to her tits and grip them, then she felt that huge dick. Pressing at her well fucked pussy.

For a moment it was just the ease of his swollen head on her juicy lips.


Tara yelled, Karl has thrust his hardness hard into her. He gripped her as he pounded her pussy. Fucking her hard with every inch of his girth.

“Admit it Tara, you always wanted to fuck me. I saw it in your eyes. What does it feel like to be fucking me?

“Fuck… amazing” Tara panted as she looked at herself being fucked in the mirror. “Fuck! Harder! Harder!” Tara cried. “Oh my God!!”

Responding to her he pounded her body harder, leaning over so she could hear him he whispered “That’s exactly what Sarah yelled at this point before she collapsed on the bed!” That did it! Being the little sister Sarah had always done everything better than her. Tara had never been so sexually on fire in her life before today…

Today she was going to fuck him better than Sarah.

Gripping his girth for all she was worth, Tara pushed back onto Karl’s cock hard. Really hard.

“Come on then you fuck Karl! Fuck me harder, I’ll take it! I’ll show you who’s the best fuck!”

Releasing her tits he gripped her hips and fucked Tara with renewed vigour. Tara held on, looking at herself in the mirror, het tits, body bouncing all over the place under Karls powerful fucking. Then the spanking, fucking hell Tara loved it!


As Tara came hard she yelled “I said harder!”

“Fuck Tara!” Karl yelled out as he reached the brink. Yelling out. Tara on her side Karl gripped her leg and pushed his cock hard into Tara’s body. Yelling with each pump he filled her with his thick load.


Shaking on the bed Tara opened her eyes “Holy fuck Karl! I felt you cum then!” She grinned.

“Yeah!” Karl panted “I think you liked that as much as me!”, leaning over the young woman he kissed her. Tara brought his head closer and kissed him back eagerly.

“It’s not over yet you horny fuck!” She purred.

“What?” Karl was in disbelief. “You want more?”

“I’m getting more, like it or not big boy!” I want to make sure I fuck you better than Sarah. Besides, your dick feels fucking good inside me!” Tara pushed Karl back onto the bed. “I hope you saved some cum for round 2 she giggled.”

“I don’t know, I’ve never done it twice so close.”

“Mhmmm… something to find out eh?” Tara was rubbing his large, semi limp cock back to hardness. Laying across him she looked up as she slid his cock between her tits and rubbed up and down his shaft suggestively.

“There, that’s better!” Tara grinned as his cock rose back to hardness. As she looked at it she thought “fuck that’s been inside me, now I’m going to sit on it!” Climbing onto him she lowered herself over his thick shaft. Karl was grinning back at her as he watched his cock sink inside her.


Once again Tara made sure she faced the mirror, she liked that. Grinding down onto him she eased his cock deeper and deeper inside her. Then she thought “Fuck it!” Pushing down hard with her weight Karl’s dick sank in all the way. Karl’s hands felt amazing on her bum and he was sucking eagerly on her nipples as she ground away, fucking every inch of him, loving the feel of his hard meat filling her to breaking it felt.Making sure she kept her promise she pounded him, gripping him for all she was worth.

Tara had lost count of how many times she had cum, but Karl was going to cum twice and that was that. Pushing had down onto his shoulders she fucked him for all she was worth. As Tara felt another orgasm build inside her she leaned over him, bodies rubbing together in unison.

“Cum with me baby!” Tara purred. ” Fill me with your cum again!”

With that Karl gripped her and pushed hard up with the last few thrusts. Tara made sure she locked eyes with him in that moment seeing up close his face. All Tara could manage to cry was fuck, over and over as she came over his throbbing cock one final time. She lay on his chest, for a while. Panting “fucking hell Karl” over and over his cock twitching inside her.

“Did I do it?” Tara finally asked grinning.

“You did it about twenty minutes ago. Speaking of which we better get sorted, Sarah will be back soon!”

Showering together they cleaned up in record time. Tara picked up the bra and panties claiming them as hers and Karl could explain it how he liked. Only a few minutes after sitting down with tea Sarah popped her head around the door.


“Hi” Tara replied. The sisters hugged tightly.

“It’s great to see you, it’s been so long. Look at you all grown up now leaving college! Has Karl looked after you?”

“Yes, he’s been very attentive.” 

“Good, you’ll have to come round more now you have time.”

“Errr… sure if that’s ok”

“Don’t be silly, you don’t mind her here do you Karl? Sarah hugged Tara again. Tara looked straight at Karl. He smiled and winked.


Birthday Sex Wishes

“Happy birthday Samantha” I whisper into your ear as my hands side around your body under your dress.

“Thank you baby” you purr back into my ear with a tone that would render any man helpless.

“I have something for you, come with me.” Without a hesitation you come with me, hand in hand we leave the small crowd.

Closing the door behind us,

My lips drop lightly down the smooth skin of your neck, I feel you react to my every touch like electricity charging your body.

Your dress falls, your body stripped.

Your breathless moans demand my cock as I reach around and rub your wet sex. Feeling your bum grind against my cock I feel your desire. 

Slowly, firmly I ease my thick girth into you inch by turgid inch.

Rubbing your clit with my fingers as my hard dick fucks your wet cunt you cry out with your filthy mouth.

Gripping your hips, pulling back hard,

Fucking you harder, pounding your body, I stretch you with my throbbing shaft.



Making you cry out as you cum.

Sliding my cock out of you, you jump onto me and wrap your legs around me.

Locked in passionate desire, I push you to the wall and push my erection inside you again. Your beautiful body locked with mine as I fuck you relentlessly.

Yelping as you bite and pull my lip, I pull your hips hard in, pushing myself even deeper inside you. 

You throw your had back, 

Sucking on your nipple I feel you grip me. 

Hearing your moans you cum around my hardness.

Wanting to cum, pushing you to the bed.

Holding you down, eyes locked with yours.

Fucking you with my swollen manhood.

Feeling you grip me for those last thrusts. Shuddering bodies, pulling into you, your lips lock with mine.

Orgasms hit like a giant wave.

Grunting and moaning we share the intensity.

Pushing hard, those last thrusts as I cum, throbbing deep inside you.
Breathlessly we recover, dress and go down. Later when they’re gone round 2 is going to happen.


Fuck me right

George had always seemed the good quiet church boy, Melany was thinking as his lips sucked on her erect nipple. His hand teasing and squeezing the other.
His gaze had stripped her soul long before her clothes ended up on the floor.

That rising feeling within her, eye closed as she felt his fingers enter her. Pushing in and rubbing her clit. 

Back arching, moaning loudly brought her to near climax. 

Then his tongue. Licking and pushing around her wetness. 

Gripping his hair, pulling him in. Total abandon as she shakes, crying out filthy obscenities.

When her eyes opened, there were his eyes again. Staring back.

Lips locking, tongues dancing.

“I want you to feel my hardness deep inside you” he growls.

“Fuck yes” is all Melany can reply.

Before the words are out she feels him, pushing deep, sliding further into her. Gripping his shoulders as he’s finally fully inside her.

Grinding hips

Harder, faster, feeling him swell as George fucks her hard, tits bouncing, pushing hard into him.

Harder and deep she feels him inside her, whimpering his name as the climax builds, finally releasing around him. Body shaking.

As she lays there she’s told its not over yet. Feeling him slide out his thick cock covered in her juices. Firm and longing she pulls him close.

Wrapping her  fingers around him she works him his hardness. Then her wraps mouth around his shaft she sucks and slurps. Enjoying her worship of his cock he groans, gripping her hair he pulls her in, deeper and deeper she takes his cock. With tears down her face he pulls himself out, kissing her eager mouth they both end up back on the bed.

With one move he moves her onto all fours, knowing what’s coming she bites her lip as she feels his hardness tease her pussy. Sliding up and down her wet lips she waits.

Fuck! Melany cries as finally he slides inside again. 

Hips gripped, holding on she feels him pounding her body. Feeling him harder and deeper than before. Taking the fucking that George is giving out. Helpless with desire as he owns her body and uses it for their carnal pleasures. 

Relentlessly he carries on pushing back onto him trying to keep up, tears flow as the orgasms strike one after the other. This intense pleasure making her shake with weakness. 

How shall I cum baby? He asks.

Pushing him off, pinning him down her wet body climbing onto him. 

Like this Melany purrs.

Leaning over with her tits in his face, feeling him suck on her hard and sensitive nipples. Lowering down over him, feeling him slide inside again. This time Melany was going to show George what it meant to fuck her.

Arching and pushing down she enjoyed fucking his cock, locking eyes, his hands on her hips, pulling her in. Fucking in time as lips touch, climax building, both edging the other to cum. George telling her to fuck him harder. Harder baby.

In his ear she tells bad boy George she wants his cum deep inside her.

Feeling him swell inside her, she grips him tight.

The final climax.

Shaking and moaning each other’s names. Thriving hard inside her Melany gets what she wants. Not stopping she milks him for all he’s got. 

Feeling him grip.


Feeling him cum deep inside her, she grins as she kisses him. 

Good boy, you fucked me just right. Same time next week? 


Are you ready baby?

Baby are you ready?

Do you want to feel me slide deep inside you?

Do you want to feel me fill you, stretch you?

No words need to be said. Just a moan as my thick girth penetrates you. 

Lips parting, sliding into you.

Thrusting harder, deeper, fucking you just how you want.

Begging for more, gripping your hips, grinding into you with passionate vigour.

Your eyes roll.

Tighter…. tighter…

Baby are you ready? Are you ready to cum?

Fuck you were, gripping my cock, sending me over the edge.

Total collapse we share our climax. 

Groaning and fucking, breathless and writhing we cum to finish.


Ride me hard, ride me well

So this is it, locked together in the back room.
Lost in each other’s eyes, arms, bodies.

Clothes done away with as we submit to this forbidden passion.

Your intention clear as you push me back.

Working me well with your hands you know how to drive a man wild. 

With your fingers not reaching around me you work me to full hardness.

Only then…

Only when you’re ready do you climb onto me.

Leaning into me I feel you slide down my hardened girth.

Leaning in your nipple is teased by my lips and tongue.

For a moment you pause, gasping, tight around me.

Then you start…


Fucking my hard cock, taking every hard inch inside you and back out.

Hips in time.

Breathing hard.

Words of filthy pleasure.

Harder we fuck, deeper you take me, total abandon.

More and more until out bodies tense, then the release.

Cumming hard we groan, trying to be quiet so those outside won’t hear.

Then the breathless rest… you were amazing I say.

With a smile you tell me the same.

That’s it for now. Until next time.


What does your sister want? 

This is another (unplanned) part to the What would your sister say post. 

What does your sister want?

My hands devour your body, given to wanton lust and you have given your body to me.

Time is short.

Desires are high… in one swift move my hardness invades you. 

Moans of delight.

Cries of passion as I fuck you in the way I know you love.

Hard and rough, you cry my name as your clit is rubbed.

Juices run, body writhing. Holding you tight as you cum round my hard dick.

On your back I turn you to carry on the pounding, fucking you while I feel you tremble. 

Bed torn.

Cries turn to screams. 

Eyes closed.

Throbbing hard, fucking harder, those last thrusts again and I’m cumming hard inside you.

Opening my eyes only to see, your sister say has found us out.

But rather than shouts of anger, there are only whimpers as she pleases herself on the sight of our fucking.

What does your sister want?

In a moment it’s clear, she moves near. Kissing me deeply, stroking my dick. Surfacing for breath I see you smirk, was this planned I wonder?

Can two sisters share a man? 

Kissing your sister as she works my cock.

Nothing to hide as we remove her clothes, I’m on my back, because you want me there. Your lips devour mine as your sisters hands work me to hardness.

Without a word I feel myself mounted.

Your sister is keen, your sister is tight.

Fuck I can’t hold my groans.

Your lips release, greeted by the vision of your sister fucking me hard, she really wants it, she really loves it.

Her groans louder than mine. Fucking in time.

“Cmon sis, Fuck him harder” you cry. Fuck me she does too!

You face your sister, kissing her you reach down and rub her clit. Igniting her body she screams into your mouth.

Shaking and writhing she cums, clenching me fucking tight. Her eyes rolling, body quaking.

I pull her off and get her on all fours.

“Go on babe! Give it to her!” You tease.

So I do.

Every inch.



Hips gripped

Bum spanked.

Your sister seems to love it and you seem to love watching me fuck your sibling. Kissing me madly while I’m fucking her. My dick, moments ago was inside you, now inside her. 

Moaning loudly I’m getting close.

Your whisper “cum inside her baby” is to much to resist.

Boiling point reached.

Swollen so big, throbbing so hard.

Kissing my neck as I cry out loud.Your sis joins in the chorus, cumming again as I fill her hot pussy with my juice.

With a breathless cry she cums again. Panting and spent. We fall to the bed. 

Your hands run through my hair as you tell me what I good boy I am. 

Your sister joins in, both of you kissing my lips.

Grinning I ask “do you always share so much?”

“Just you” they both giggled. 

The looks on their faces, this wouldn’t be the last time. Just one thing I thought. Next time… who cums first?


What would your sister say? 

The back room is sparse but there isn’t much time.

The looks you gave me.

The smirk.

Teasing me, you knew what you wanted. You knew what I wanted.

Now you’re going to get it.

You made so hard, I made you so wet.

Kneeling behind you, the head teasing your lips.

Then inch by throbbing inch I push that hardness inside you.

Hips gripped.

Pounding bodies.

Guttural moans, cries of more.

Your tightening, my swelling.

Crashing into waves of total pleasure.

Those last few thrusts have you crying out. Your body shaking.

Total intensity, not a care in the world as our pleasure peaks.
Over too soon.


Your sister will be home soon.
Dressed and tidy, no one would know. A glance and another smirk, you think you’ll have me round for more I think. 

What would your sister say if she knew… maybe she wouldn’t mind.