Two’s Trouble – Part 3

Tara wasted no time in mounting Jason and getting his hard cock inside her. As she straddled him for a moment she felt the throbbing tip nudging her juicy lips before feeling his thick girth pushing deep inside her. Gasping Tara started grinding him as hard as she could. He felt amazing inside her tight wet cunt as even though she was shaking from the intensity Tara ground Jason’s cock as hard as she could.

Lucy had clamped her lips around Jason’s and was obviously enjoying it. After a moment Tara watched as Lucy turned to her, clamping lips the women kissed madly, Tara writhing and gasping. 

“Fuck… Lucy… oh you fucking slut!” Tara shrieked, Lucy was grinding Tara’s clit with her fingers, with Jason’s cock grinding inside her it was more than she could take. Jason was now controlling and fucking Tara so hard, his hands pulling her hips hard in so she felt every throbbing inch.

“I’m the fucking slut am I?” Lucy hissed, catching her breath too as she rubbed Tara’s clit mercilessly. Tara’s eyes were rolling, closing them she arched her back and yelled out her guttural tones. Collapsing onto Jason in a shaking sweating heap, Jason smiled 

“You loved that then bad girl?” Rolling her off he looked over at Lucy, her mouth wide open at Jason’s erection. 

“Fancy a ride too?” Jason smirked.

With no hesitation Lucy climbed over him and with a mix of a yelp and a guttural groan took Jason’s cock as it was thrust hard into her still aching pussy. 

Gripping Lucy’s body and giving her every inch of his thick girth Lucy looked down at Tara, she grinned back.

“Fuck her Jason, go on. Harder than you fucked me babe!”

“Fuck” Lucy whispered as she felt him thrust even harder into her. As she leaned forward she felt Tara grasp her tits, sucking on her nipples hard, Lucy was a shaking wreck as she came over and over.

“I hope you’re not going to cum inside her again Jas!” Tara teased. 

“Don’t worry about that!” Jason replied breathlessly. Pulling Lucy onto him and rolling over, he left her gasping beside Tara. Sliding out of Lucy, he pushed Tara’s legs wide and pushed into the brunette. Gasping again Tara felt him stretch her wide, feeling every inch she told him.breathlessly “don’t hold back big boy… Fuck me hard and cum deep!”

Not saying a word Jason didn’t hold back, kissing her deeply, their bodies rubbing together he fucked her, with her nails digging into his back and a final crescendo of guttural sounds his cock pumped deep inside her. Arching back Tara outlasted round him in one final almighty orgasm.

All three lay panting, curled up about each other. Lucy broke the silence “we didn’t even have dinner yet!”

“Whats for dessert?” Chuckled Tara



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