The Unexpected Day (anonymous submission)

A friend had an unexpected sexual experience recently and she tells the tale here:

So this weekend gone I was doing my boring shopping, as usual on my own. As anyone who does it knows it’s a crappy job. This week it took an unexpected turn. 

I walked past this guy and on his phone were all these explicit moving images, gifs I think they’re called. My mouth dropped, staring at what he was looking at. This woman seemed to be teasing him with and now me too.

Then he looked around, holy fuck he saw me! With a grin he asked me if I would like some of this. I felt myself go bright red and then, in a split second I had thought about it, realised I was on my own for the weekend and told “fuck, yes please!”

I’m not sure if he was more surprised at my response than me. Cutting a long story short I took him back to my place and we sat for a while exchanging sexual notes and fantasies. Deep down I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I’m a married woman and I was inviting this strange man in for sex. I tried to get out of it lamely, using this Twitter woman as an excuse. When she said it’s ok, go ahead and fuck him there was no excuses left.

My heart was in my mouth as my hand went to see how hard he was, he was hard and somewhere deep inside me I wanted him to do all those things to me. I took his hand and started to lead him upstairs, before we got there he pulled me to him. Stroking my hair he said, you know you can have sex outside the bedroom? I was shaking as he led me to the lounge. The curtains were pulled shut and we began kissing. I was melting and we has only just started. Tenderly he kisses down my neck and began slowly removing every item of my clothing. I was beyond any kind of resistance now, I let him strip me, my breathing was getting harder the further he went. I was so turned on and soon I was totally naked. I was too short to pull off his t-shirt but everything else I got off him. When I got to the weapon of mass destruction it sprang out, hard with a bulbous red end. I stroked it eagerly as we wrapped around each other. We kissed so passionately, I was getting more and more out of control. Kneeling down in front of him I began licking around his thick cock, I wasn’t able to get my hand round his shaft. He wasn’t the biggest, but he would more than do. I started bobbing my head back and forth along his shaft, pushing him deeper and deeper. I gripped his bum to push harder, I felt his hands in my hair but I couldn’t get him right down.

Looking up I apologized I couldn’t deep throat him, being kind he said it was ok and told me we should enjoy this and not feel like we have to be perfect. I felt better at hearing this, he guided me to the sofa as we started kissing again. He started kissing and licking down my body, I felt his fingers sliding into me and fucking me. I was back to breathing hard, his mouth sucking my nipples I looked up at the ceiling then down at him. Fucking shell what was I doing? This is where the kids watched tv, where hubs and me would sometimes talk and here I was with a strange guy licking out my pussy. Suddenly I felt a jot shoot through me. I guess he found my bud, fucking hell I almost screamed as I came. 

I was shaking, he wasn’t stopping yet. His fingers were fucking me, but I wanted more. I told him, I wanted it harder… much harder. I get ordinary sex all the time, I wanted this to be like in his gifs. I told him, to go wild. I wanted it hard, when I scream stop go harder and for starters you can fist me. I’ve never had that before.

He told me he’d not done that before, grinning we agreed there’s a first time for everything. His hands weren’t small and I felt that as he tried to push inside me. He hesitated so I gripped his wrist and guided him, it was hard but oh my Fuck I’ve never felt anything like it. Shaking and writhing he soon got it and his fist was fucking me to extremes. I was cumming over and over, screaming out every kind of obscenity. I was arching and writhing, I gripped his wrist and made him go harder. Fuck I haven’t felt anything like it!

I lay there whimpering, pulling his hand out of me he watched my naked body twitching. Then I looked up at him, your turn now, I told him. Pushing him back onto the sofa I knelt on the floor between his legs. I tried to get my hand fully round his erection but it was too big. Using both my hands I rubbed his cock to and bottom in a twisting motion. Squeezing him hard, I licked the dribble of precum from his tip and teased him with my tongue. Even though I wasn’t getting any attention, giving him the works was turning me on so much. I felt my juices running, sucking on his tip he was groaning loudly, I found out the touches he loved and he was soon moaning he was about to cum. I squeezed him harder as I knelt up more, with a final lick I watched as his juices shot out of him. I moved my tits up as was making the cum run all over them. I was getting into this despite it’s sinfulness and I was so excited and it felt so erotic.

I started sucking his limp shaft, I wanted him inside me more than anything now. My heart was thumping again, having another man inside me was not how envisaged the day would turn out. I rubbed his dick between my tits, watching as it grew back to its full glorious size. He took my hand and told me to show him the bedroom. In the hallway he pushed me to the wall, we fumbled a bit trying to find the best way. Then oh my Fuck, that cock was pushed into me and it felt so good. He started fucking me against the wall but we couldn’t get me into the right place. So taking me into the bedroom he spread my legs wide, his amazing cock slid deep into me again, fucking me as he leaned up. I reminded him to go for it, a second later I felt him thrust so much harder and deeper into me. 

I had no chance to think about where I was being fucked. He was pounding his hardness into me and I loved every thrust. My back was arching and my body shaking, I lost count of the orgasms. Then when he got me on all fours, I gave up all control. I was fucked, spanked, my hair was pulled and I was screaming. I’m not sure what I was screaming, but it made him go harder just like I told him to. 

I had lost all track of time, we had been at it so long and in so many ways. We had a few breaks and talked a bit. It had given us both time to recharge. But after the doggy session I was spent. Gasping but grinning I whispered is that all you got? Grinning back he told me that I had to show him what was needed!

Why the Fuck didn’t I keep my mouth shut? I climbed on him, so sensitive now I almost came when I pushed him inside me. He told me to come on, show him how it’s meant to be done. So I dug deep, hands on his shoulders I ground hard on that dick. He spanked me and growled at me to go harder. I couldn’t, I didn’t have it in me. Persisting I kept going, then I felt him joining in. Sucking on my tits he pounded me so hard and fast I couldn’t keep up. Yelling out, eyes closed my body and mind were on fire. If anyone just touched me I probably would have cum. He has cried out a few times, I wasn’t sure how many times he had cum but oh wow I felt this. He pushed in deep and left it still, maybe so I could feel it I wasn’t sure. But I did, it was amazing to feel him pumping inside me. 

I laid on him and held him. I was out of breath, he was still inside me, twitching. I told him no more, just no more. I kissed his chest and after a few minutes rolled off him. We didn’t say much for a while. We showered and stuff and talked a bit, like we were avoiding talking about it. 

Eventually he asked how it was, I looked at him for a moment. I told him it was like too incredible for words. We both grinned and for a while talked about what we had done and how it had felt. I hadn’t realised how many times he had cum. He thought I had done this before. We slept together and the next morning he went, but not before leaving his number.

I couldn’t believe that day and I still can’t when I think about it. It showed me that life throws you some unexpected things. The thing is, we’re still in touch. I want that kind of sex again so much, but should I?

Written by an anonymous author.



Dinner Party Debauchery – A Story Told By Lucy 18+ only very explicit!

This story has been held back for ages… I was asked to post it! Be warned… not for the feint hearted!
It had been a typical dinner party, 5 guys, 5 girls I worked with most of them. My friend Tara was the exception. I had known Tara since we were little and she was always the wild one. Always getting herself and often me into trouble. She was always the one with the low cut top and the short skirt. Despite the fact that this was a dinner party today was no exception. She had great tits and they were bursting out of her top.


Dinner had been great, we had all eaten and drank too much add were well aware. I was with the other girls, Tony and Matt were good company. I looked across the room at Tara and she had three of the guys wrapped round her finger. I watched as she started snogging them, each in turn I could see her devouring their mouths and tongues of each in turn. The guys hands were all over her body, down her  top and up her tiny skirt, I could see him slip his fingers under her panties and rubbing her. Tara came up for air and shouted across to me “Hey Lucy, I told you tonight would be great – these guys reckon they can fuck me senseless” She looked up at them all with a her devious, look. “There might be three of you boys but I’ll take you all and look round for more I’m telling you”


The rest of us stood watching aghast as the three guys stripped Tara totally naked, she was devouring each of their mouths as she snogged them all wildly. “Come on then boys, you can’t do much with your clothes on!” She teased. The three guys never took their hands off her as they stripped. Tara took each of their cocks, sucking them and wanking them off until they were all hard and throbbing. I looked round to the others, the boys were obviously aroused, I was shocked but my god I needed a hard fucking now and there was no use fighting it. Kate, Marie and Rose were looking round at me, as if looking at me to guide them. So I did, I grabbed Tony and after a few seconds of awkwardness we devoured our mouths, our tongues sliding over each other. I unzipped his fly and pulled out his huge straining cock. I rubbed and squeezed his thick girth in my hand, too large to wrap my fingers fully round.


I started stripping with Tony, watching his body rapidly undress. I looked across at Tara, the guys had sorted out how to tackle her. She was laid back on one of them on the sofa, I watched as he pushed his fuck pole up into her ass, the other was climbing onto her and thrust his thick girth into her cunt. I heard her cry out as she must have been filled and stretched so wide. I wasn’t sure but I think she was cumming almost from the off, she was certainly making a lot of noise as the two of them fucked her holes. Just then the third guy pushed her head back. She licked and sucked his cock as he slowly eased his cock into her mouth. As he started fucking her mouth I saw her grip his ass and pull him in. She was swallowing his entire length as he fucked her mouth. Pushed harder onto him by the fuck machines on her ass and pussy, fucking her hard so her tits were all over the place. Tara was loving it and I was losing control.


Tony took me and pushed me onto the other sofa, I looked across where Marie and Rose were working up Matt, Rose was devouring his mouth while Marie was sucking his cock off eagerly. Kate Joined me with Tony and together we got him onto the floor. I rubbed my moist lips against his huge cock, it was throbbing under me as I watched Kate mount his mouth, I watched her lower her pussy over his tongue, her eyes rolled inside her head briefly as she started grinding. The moans in the room were growing and I joined the throng as I slid Tony’s fuck pole right up into my cunt. My god, he was so big. I pushed down hard, making him stretch my walls to their limit. In no time I was fucking his throbbing length, enjoying every delicious inch of his cock. Grinding on his girth, the dirty filthy girl in me was enjoying this. I was watching Kate’s face as she was cumming over his mouth, her juices were running down Tony’s face. My tits were bouncing and I was gyrating, grinding harder. Leaning forward, towards Kate, we kissed madly, our tits rubbing together as we fucked this guy like a pair of dirty whores. I could feel the juices emptying in me, Tony’s cock was throbbing hard and he was gripping my ass. I flung my head back, Kate urged me on “Go on girl fuck him, fuck him hard!!” Kate was handling my tits, sucking on my nipples, driving me crazy. I held onto Kate, both of us breathless, I really went for him, his cock huge in my pulsating cunt. I cried out “Fucking hell!!!”

“Go on Lucy, fuck him hard” Tara shouted. Kate was unable to say anything. We were all cumming together, I could feel Tony’s girth throbbing hard and his body was shuddering. We stopped for a moment, breathless, wanting more.


I looked across at Tara, they were changing places. She was being plowed doggy style now, still taking three fucking cocks all at once and loving every second. Fuck me! How does she do it? She was nearly choking on the cock down her throat. She was taking the other two like a boss and her body was covered in someones’ cum, her mouth was dribbling with a mix of saliva and cum and it was going everywhere. Tony Was taking Kate and bending her over the sofa. I laid back at Kate’s head, kissing her before laying back and letting her lick me right out. I gripped my tits, fuck this was good, I was so horny. I had done things I had never dreamed of already and there was no sign of things stopping yet. Tony was fucking Kate hard and her tits were bouncing all over the place and her lips were clamped over my cunt, drinking down my juice as I felt orgasm after orgasm tear into me.


Tara was back on her back and her body was covered in more cum “Fucking hell Lucy I want to be fucked by all these boys, I want to have the cum of all of them inside me!!!”

“Leave some for us!” I shouted back as I laughed. Throwing my head back as I came once again. Tara was getting fucked in every hole and she looked like she wanted more. Maria and Rose had Matt under control, they were grinding on him Marie was screaming out above the sexual din. Fuck she had a sexy body, as it was convulsed over Matt’s cock, as I watched she got off his fuck pole and sucked him off, drinking down a huge load of cum. She kneelled up as she drank it down, the excess covering her tits. Maria got up and walked towards me, she straddled my mouth and let me lick out her pussy, drinking down her sweet juice.


The tree guys had finished with Tara and she called over Matt and Tony. Fuck I thought! I wanted Tony again. In what seemed like total sexual anarchy. I was bent over and fucked while I continued to lick out Maria, she seemed to like me doing that. This was just a blur, I had a cock thrust into my mouth, and I think I was fucked three or four times… I wasn’t sure. I was in the middle of a fuck fest that Tara started, she was screaming over Tony’s cock and just as she finished being fucked by it, watched Matt pull his cock out of my throbbing cunt and spray my body in his cum.


The room was full of the sound of breathless people, who had just fucked each other senseless. I looked across at Tara and she was grinning. “Fuck!” She laughed “I could do that again!” Still shaking I got up and walked to where she was laying. “You fucking bitch Tara!” I pushed my fingers inside her and rubbed her hard, then I got between her legs, raising one arm, grinding my pussy hard against hers “I wanted to get fucked like that” our tits were bouncing and our cum covered bodies were dripping with sweat, I was grinding hard on her pussy until we both came hard.


“Right” I said, “this isn’t over, Tony and the other guys, I want you to fuck me like you just fucked Tara” I was shaking, I had never been fucked in my ass before and never three at once, I was nervous, but wanted this. I was bent over a guy on the sofa, who thrust his cock straight up into me, apparently watching me and Tara get off had started things off again. I yelled out as Tony’s cock was pushed deep into my ass.. “Fuck… fuck yes” I whimpered, then I got a grip and wanted it hard “Fuck me harder!! Harder!!!” I screamed. Tara kissed me wildly, her tongue thrust into my mouth.

“Good girl, take it baby” She whispered. Then Matt pushed his cock into my mouth, my body thrust forward, pushing his cock deep into my throat. Taking it in every hole, I felt cum and saliva dribbling from my mouth as I took Matt’s cum in my throat.

As he slipped his cock out I looked round and watched all fucking hell break loose around me, Tara was getting fucked on the table and was screaming her head off Kate was under her, teasing her clit with her tongue and pushing her onto the throbbing cock. There was only yelling and screaming now and I was joining in, I was being filled so tight I felt I was being split. I felt myself turned over, taking the boy’s swollen shafts I yelled out and came instantly as I felt my ass and cunt plowed at the same time. My god, I was gripping my tits and pulling them, cumming over and over totally out of control. Tara came over and got onto me, she lowered her pussy onto my mouth and ground onto me hard, I watched as she licked Tony’s cock as he fucked me senseless. My body was shaking, I have never been so used an abused but fuck me I was loving every second. I drank down Tara’s cum as I heard her scream out…

“OHHH!!! FUUUCKKK!!!” I screamed out…. the boys had cum and I could feel them pumping their loads into me. Their relentless thrusting was turning into jelly and I didn’t care. Then to top it off Tara wanked off one of the boys. I watched as her hand pulled his cock back and forth, moaning as she rubbed his throbbing meat hard, sending his thick load over my chest. His creamy cum covering my tits.


The boys slid out of me and left me shaking on the sofa, smiling… laughing… I had done things I thought I never could or would and it felt amazing. Kate was getting finished off by one of the boys,  her cunt was being plowed hard from behind. We were watching as she pushed hard back onto his hard fuck rod. Her face contorted, yelling out the foulest obscenities.

“Come on Kate, fucking put ya back into it” I shouted out. Soon everyone was joining in, telling them to really go for it. My god, I don’t know how but both of them were at it like mad animals. I thought Kate’s tits would fly off her body, she was almost pushing him off the table and he was doing the same “fuuuuccckkkkkk!!!!” was the cry from Kate that told us she had given up. Hanging on for dear life as the guy fucked her through an immense orgasm. While his body shook from emptying his balls deep into her throbbing cunt. Kate whimpered as he slid this throbbing meat out of her, she lay back on the sofa over Rose. Breathless, her chest heaving. Rose was busy kissing Matt now, I think this had been her first time for sex period. My god she must have had fun, her pussy had been obviously plowed hard and her body was covered in cum too. Marie was lounging on one of the boys grinning like a school girl. I think everyone had finally had their fill and I certainly had. I was sore, but so satisfied.

Tara laughed “everyone done?”

We all laughed, I rubbed Matt’s cum into my body before putting some on my finger and licking it in front of him as he watched.


As we all got dressed we decided that more dinner parties were needed, which of course is for another time. Work has become more positive and we all work fantastically together. Tara is joining the company in a few weeks, so fuck knows what kind of adventures that will bring… we will see.

Two’s Trouble – Part 3

Tara wasted no time in mounting Jason and getting his hard cock inside her. As she straddled him for a moment she felt the throbbing tip nudging her juicy lips before feeling his thick girth pushing deep inside her. Gasping Tara started grinding him as hard as she could. He felt amazing inside her tight wet cunt as even though she was shaking from the intensity Tara ground Jason’s cock as hard as she could.

Lucy had clamped her lips around Jason’s and was obviously enjoying it. After a moment Tara watched as Lucy turned to her, clamping lips the women kissed madly, Tara writhing and gasping. 

“Fuck… Lucy… oh you fucking slut!” Tara shrieked, Lucy was grinding Tara’s clit with her fingers, with Jason’s cock grinding inside her it was more than she could take. Jason was now controlling and fucking Tara so hard, his hands pulling her hips hard in so she felt every throbbing inch.

“I’m the fucking slut am I?” Lucy hissed, catching her breath too as she rubbed Tara’s clit mercilessly. Tara’s eyes were rolling, closing them she arched her back and yelled out her guttural tones. Collapsing onto Jason in a shaking sweating heap, Jason smiled 

“You loved that then bad girl?” Rolling her off he looked over at Lucy, her mouth wide open at Jason’s erection. 

“Fancy a ride too?” Jason smirked.

With no hesitation Lucy climbed over him and with a mix of a yelp and a guttural groan took Jason’s cock as it was thrust hard into her still aching pussy. 

Gripping Lucy’s body and giving her every inch of his thick girth Lucy looked down at Tara, she grinned back.

“Fuck her Jason, go on. Harder than you fucked me babe!”

“Fuck” Lucy whispered as she felt him thrust even harder into her. As she leaned forward she felt Tara grasp her tits, sucking on her nipples hard, Lucy was a shaking wreck as she came over and over.

“I hope you’re not going to cum inside her again Jas!” Tara teased. 

“Don’t worry about that!” Jason replied breathlessly. Pulling Lucy onto him and rolling over, he left her gasping beside Tara. Sliding out of Lucy, he pushed Tara’s legs wide and pushed into the brunette. Gasping again Tara felt him stretch her wide, feeling every inch she told him.breathlessly “don’t hold back big boy… Fuck me hard and cum deep!”

Not saying a word Jason didn’t hold back, kissing her deeply, their bodies rubbing together he fucked her, with her nails digging into his back and a final crescendo of guttural sounds his cock pumped deep inside her. Arching back Tara outlasted round him in one final almighty orgasm.

All three lay panting, curled up about each other. Lucy broke the silence “we didn’t even have dinner yet!”

“Whats for dessert?” Chuckled Tara