Two’s trouble – Part 2

“Oh, fuck!!” Jason moaned loudly. Tara’s tongue flicked over his swollen clock again. She knew how to lick a guy’s cock to drive him wild.

His lips returned to Lucy’s mouth as they continued kissing madly. Lucy pulled away and kissed down Jason’s neck and body. A moment later a groan escaped his mouth as a second tongue started licking his rock hard clock. His legs were shaking as they teased him to any length they could. Moaning with pleasure on the huge clock they both wanted.

Suddenly there was relief, Tara and Lucy started on each other, Jason looked on as their bodies nestled together and they devoured each other’s mouths. In less time than it had taken them all to get naked he was kneeling beside them. He clamped Lucy’s nipple in his lips and started sucking while he teased Tara’s slit with his fingers.

Both women didn’t stop, breathlessly moaning they loved the three way attention. A shriek came from Tara as Jason’s fingers thrust into her wet pussy. Grinding hard Jason could see her body quivering and shaking. Parting from Lucy’s body she slumped back against the sofa, breathing hard her body writhing.

“Lucy…” she whispered “oh fuck Lucy…”

Lucy started licking at her clot, giving Jason a naughty eye, admiring his impressive dick, wanting it inside her. Jason was licking and sucking Tara’s tits as she yelled out for more. Harder and harder he ducked Tara’s cunt with his fingers while Lucy licked and sucked her clit. With a cry Tara arched her body, screaming as she came, all over Jason’s fingers.

He slid out his fingers, letting Tara taste them her body shaking. Lucy kept licking out her friend as she moaned with pleasure. Tara grinned as she watched Jason, a naughty look on her face as she saw what was cumming next. 

It took a moment for Lucy to realise that Jason’s cock was just touching her juicy pussy lips. Before she had time to ready herself.

“Fuck!” Lucy cried out. He was inside her, deep and getting deeper. Fuck, his cock was inside her. She felt his hands gripping her sides, sliding up and cupping her tits and gripping them as he began fucking her harder, his body slapping on hers as he pushed his hard dock into her over and over.

“Go on Jason! Fuck her hard!” Tara teased as she slid her fingers inside her cunt, moaning as she relished the sight of her friend being tucked.

“Fuuuccckkk Tara, he’s so big!” Lucy moaned, Jason’s dock stretching her wide.

“Take it Lucy!” Tara told her. “Fuck that bad girl hard Jas!”

Lucy felt hid hand strike her bum cheek “Fuck!” She yelped, then her head was pulled back.

“You’re a bad girl, fucking another man Lucy!” Jason moaned in her ear, he then spanked her bum hard. Lucy helped again and again as he repeatedly spanked Lucy’s cute bum. Gripping the sheets Lucy screamed out, Tara was moaning loudly as she rubbed her cunt hard.

Jason finished his last thrusts… pounding Lucy as she came, shuddering as she cried out, Jason gripping her hips groaning as he came with her, throbbing as he filled her with his load.

Tara got up and pushed Jason back onto the floor, his semi limp dick sliding out of Lucy. 

“Don’t think it’s over yet big boy, now I want it and I want it hard!” Tara told him grinning.



Two’s Trouble – Part 1

Tara straightened her hair and pushed up her breasts as she readied herself. Pausing for a moment she rang the bell. Nothing.

Jason was in, his car was there. She rang again, she thought she could hear talking. Then the door opened and there was Jason, every chunky inch of him, slightly unshaven and looking too yummy.

“Hi” Tara beamed.

“Hi Tara” Jason looked her up and down for a second “You look, wow. Amazing!”

“Thanks. Can I come in?” Tara beamed again. Not waiting for the invite she barged in.

“Actually, Tara…” despite his best efforts Tara charged in, pushing her breasts against him. “Now’s not great.” He semi whispered.

“Why? What are you…”

The door to the lounge opened and a blonde woman walked in. 

“Who is…”

The blonde woman stopped and stared at Tara. Tara stared back.

“What are you doing here Tara?”

“I could ask you the same Lucy!”

The surprise gave way for both women as they each realised their intentions. 

“I told you, Jason is my friend Tara. Not some fly by night fuck buddy.”

“Does Darren know about your friend?” Tara shot back. Lucy went red.

“You have a boyfriend?” Jason asked Lucy with surprise.

“Husband” Tara added.

“Look at you with morals all of a sudden!” Lucy shot back.

“Ladies… ladies… ” Jason pleaded. “What is going on here? I’ve got both of you fighting in my house, what’s going on?”

The girls both grinned, despite his manliness Jason seemed a bit out of his depth.

“Basically Jason” Lucy began, not sure how to carry on “we both err”

“We both want you… you know. To fuck you, or you to fuck us!”

“Tara!” Screeched Lucy. “It’s more than just a fuck for me!”

“Yeah… right” Tara retorted sarcastically.
Stepping closer, the women slid their hands over Jason’s chest as he struggled for words. He felt excited, turned on by both these women coming onto him.

“So” Tara smiled, her eyes giving him a look that told him all that she wanted in an instant. “Which one?”

“Which one?” Jason asked. “Just like that?”

“Mhmm hmm” Tara hummed.

“Would you like me, the cute girl next door?”

“Or me, the girl that’ll blow your mind?”

Groaning Jason whispered “I want…”

Tara slid her hand down to Jason’s manhood, wanting it bad her hand slid under his jeans… but nothing was there, then she felt round to find Lucy pumping his big, hard cocktail. Squeezing the thick shaft, she glanced over to a grinning Lucy”

“Both of you!” Jason finished. He smiled at both of them, not a sound uttered in protest. It was going to be a hard night ahead.


To be continued…