Your wet body


woman shower

I’m captivated by the sight of your body, wet and slippery. Every droplet of water flowing over your curves. Your hands moving over your skin as you wash. It doesn’t take much to imagine my hands where yours touch.

Slipping into the shower behind you my hands cover yours, kissing your neck I grind my hardness against you. No words said, our bodies talk as my hands roam. Reaching back you pull my head closer to your neck as you let out a soft moan. 

Your body rocks against me as my fingers enter you, getting harder as I grind your moans loudening. You push against my hand, my thick, rough fingers pushing deep inside you. Our desire building with every second as our bodies share the wet shower, the water making a special friction between us.

Sliding my fingers out your face tells me you want more, hard and throbbing you grasp what you want firmly. Locking ourselves in a passionate kiss your legs lock round me. A moan escapes you and your back arches as my thick manhood pushed deep inside you to the hilt. Breathing hard we grind together, fucking slow and deep until desire takes us. Harder and harder we grind, pushed hard to the wall your body is pounded as my hardness is thrust into you. Stretching and filling you with every powerful thrust your moans turn to gutteral cries of wanton desire.

Our bodies rubbing together, your breasts pushed onto me as we rub together breathlessly, both of us gasping obscenities into each others ear. My hands grip your ass and pull you hard onto me, pushing my cock hard into you as I feel you dig your nails into me. Gasping I feel you shaking, writhing.

The last few powerful thrusts bring us both closer to climax, thrusting deeper as we cling onto each other. Your quakes as you finally climax, Cumming over me your pussy pulsates round me. Tipping me over I feel your nails digging harder into my back. Groaning loudly into your ear I finally explode… Throbbing hard inside you neither of us stop grinding. Feeling myself pumping hard inside you, you’re eager for my thick load. Letting go we surrender to our pleasure, never wanting it to stop. 

Only when spent does the grinding stop… Spent and breathless the water still soaks us.

Climbing down you look at me in your cheeky way, pulling me to the bedroom you want more it seems. 

We’re going to need another shower again soon.



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