Water goddess

I gaze at your figure from the other side.

You must know I’m here.

Yet, your need form is displayed for me to gaze at.

The curve of your back.

Your wet skin.

Your perfect breasts.
Excited already but a side wards glance from you tells me so much.

My clothes drop, strong and hard I’m revealed for you.

Slowly I slip into to water, slowly sliding up to you.

I’m slo close now, not touching I see you’re shaking, anticipation building.

You don’t turn, waiting.

Your shudder as my hands slide down your arms is like the climax of your hopes and fears.

Pulling you close I kiss your neck, your breathing is fast and shallow.

A moan escapes when my hand reaches your sex, fingers penetrating… Rubbing… Filling you.
Turning round your breasts pressed to my chest as we kiss with wanton list.

Legs round my waist.

Grinding on my shaft.

Pushing into you there is no going back.

Locked in passion we fuck like it was always meant to be like this.

Hard, deep, powerful you take my thrusts… Wanting more.

Your shaking body, your quivering sex.

Climbing our peaks together, total abandonment.

Lost in each other… Drowning.

Like a goddess you desire my all, my passion, my body, my cum.
Only when the passion has passed, still locked in our tryst do we see.

The others.

Mortals looking on at the acts of the water goddess and her chosen one.

Wanting the same they now desire the fires of passion.


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