Charlie and Nicole – Arriving Late

Charlie hadn’t seen Nicole for ages. Since the first encounter at least once a week they had finished their workout with a fuck in the changing room. Nicole was amazing and even after these weeks just thinking about her made him hard.

Charlie lay there on the padded bench, his workout done and still no Nicole. He thought about the last time he saw her, the body, the eyes and the water cascading over their bodies. Charlie felt himself getting hard with the thought of her.

“Hi handsome” purred a familiar voice “you missed me?”

Charlie recognized the voice. Looking up he smiled.

“Of course sexy. I was just thinking about you!”

Nicole raised an eyebrow “So I see babe…” 

Charlie couldn’t believe it, Nicole walked up to where he was laying. Pulled the towel from his waist “you did miss me, didn’t you?” Nicole grinned as she admired Charlie’s thick cock, getting harder and harder. Charlie watched as Nicole stripped her sports bra and leggings off. Charlie was hard already but he was getting harder. 

Wasting no time Nicole wrapped her fingers round his girth and pumped hard, squeezing him hard making Charlie moan out. She ran her hands up his chest then straddled him, bringing her hands back Nicole gripped his cock and pushed iit up to her wet cunt.

“I’ve misses you so much babe” she told Charlie breathlessly, grinding on Charlie’s hard cock, pushing him in deeper and deeper her hips fucked every inch of his cock. Meeting her thrusts Charlie fucked Nicole hard, gripping her hips he leant up and sucked on Nicole’s nipples as her gorgeous breasts bounced in his face.

Leaning forward Nicole pinned Charlie down, lips locked together as their tongues explored. Charlie get Nicole fucking his every inch, slower now but deeper and more sensual. Both the lovers moaning into their mouths, Nicole shaking and writhing, Charlie meeting her hips perfectly. Nicole’s pussy pulsating round his thick shaft moaning and writhing Charlie held her body tight to his. Only a few thrusts more and he let go, grunting as his cock throbbed and pumped his thick load deep inside her. Grinning Nicole get his climax and loved him filling her.

“That’s it baby… Cum… ” she purred. Charlie moaned and grunted as Nicole milked him for every drop.

Grinning Nicole whispered to Charlie “its not over yet babe”

Still straddling him, she turned round, Charlie’s cock still deep inside her. Charlie groaned, he’d never felt that before and fuck it was amazing. Nicole started pounding his body again, harder this time, his dick was swelling again. After a few hard thrusts he was hard again, filling her more than before, tighter and harder he gripped her hips and fucked Nicole madly, balls slapping on her body. Crying out she came hard, shaking wildly her body writhed.

The relentless fucking didn’t stop, Nicole was crying out as her body shook. Her pussy gripping round Charlie’s throbbing cock. Swelling up as the climax built within him, the final last thrusts harder and deeper, then he groaned out as he finally released. Nicole ground down hard onto his pumping manhood, milking him as she shook, waves of ecstasy washing over them.

Nicole collapse onto Charlie, breathless they cuddled. With little time to go before others arrived they dressed. But they promised to  come again soon.

See Charlie and Nicole’s first encounter here:

Shower Surprise



19 thoughts on “Charlie and Nicole – Arriving Late

  1. Damn damn damn! Simon this is on another level of DAMN HOT. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I need a ice cold water after reading this. So damn good and like a gym goer this is some fantasy haha

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