Waking up

Waking up like this would be amazing!


Driving her crazy

It wasn’t the first time we’d met at lunch. It had been going on for longer than a year. It started innocently, a back massage that had lead to a kiss that unleashed the desires and mad lust I’d hidden from her all those years ago. But there’d always been a spark. She’d felt it too. I knew it now and I wanted her more than ever.

That first kiss undid me. When my lips kissed hers and she touched me I knew I had to have all of her. 

And I had been, for over a year. But it was forbidden, for both of us. Is that why she was driving me crazy?  Why I couldn’t go a day without thinking about her. About us fucking in all the positions I fantasized about. Only it wasn’t a fantasy anymore, it was real. 

And here we were again. Meeting in our usual park with my big car the only thing that was safe at this point in time. She pulled up and parked beside me, I could see her but she couldn’t see me inside. The car windows were tinted and perfect for our meetings.

She climbed out and into the back seat of my car, her tight pants accentuating that pussy that I loved eating so much.  Hey babe she cooed. We talked for a bit but my eyes couldn’t keep off her body and it wasn’t long before she found my lips and that was it, I was gone. 

Gone in her softness, in her body wrapped in mine, as she sat astride me.  My mouth devoured hers and we kissed each other until we were panting, breathless with desire. Drinking in her touch and those curves.  My lips found her neck and then her nipple, already hard and waiting for my tongue. I bit into her and sucked on her tits until she was moaning, my tongue swirling round her ripeness. As our lips met again I pulled my shirt off, I wanted her body against mine, her flesh on my flesh. That’s what I loved it, what I craved. It didn’t take long before we were both naked.

As our bodies came together my hands caressed her bare skin, my finger sliding into her wet pussy. Oh baby yes she moaned as she arched into my hand, driving me crazy. I kissed and bit her nipples and she cried out as my finger fucked her fanny and she went crazy with desire.  Babe, yes, oh, she cried as my touch intensified, knowing how wild it made her, until she came over me, her juices flowing. Then she whispered, I want to ride you.

She knew I loved her straddling me, especially in the car where it was tight. We kissed deeply as she sat on me, wrapping her legs around me, her pussy wet and dripping as she lowered her body over my throbbing cock and teased me. Sinking into me slowly, tantalising and kissing me, her brown lustrous eyes locked on mine. She knew what she was doing. Inch by inch she went down on me, slowly at first. In and out of her pussy. Then she plunged into me, taking all of me into her. Deeper and faster she rode me like a fucking bronco as we kissed. Fuck, she was driving me crazy. Her tits were bouncing against my chest, as I held her tight and she rode me higher and higher, faster. I thrust into her and our hips ground together and I felt my cock explode with cum as we rode it and came screaming together.

We caught our breaths and came back down to earth, panting, kissing each other wildly still. We were far from finished.  Lie me down and fuck me hard she said. 

She loved me on top of her. I was still hard as we went down together, she pulled me to her and we kissed passionately.  I moaned as my cock found its way into her again. Harder babe she cried as I thrust into her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my cock in tight and I pound into her wetness. So hard and fast. Faster and harder I thrust into her and she met each one of them squeezing my cock. Sending me over the top.  Don’t stop baby she cried as I gave it to her, harder and faster and as we both reached the point of ecstacy we exploded and came together, sensations wracking our bodes as we floated down from euphoria. Catching our breath. Holding each other tight. I loved holding her but there never seemed to be enough time.

As my heart rate started to return to normal and we began dressing my mind was already switching back into work mode. I had fifteen minutes to get back to my meeting. But, fuck, lunch time had never been so delicious. She was my addiction and I knew we would do it again soon.

~S – Courtesy of a friend