Hard As Nails – Part III By – Lennon –

Passionate Liasons

The following week Ivy met Ted for drinks at The Keep Lounge downtown. As she sat at the bar with her legs crossed in a slinky black tight pencil skirt she stirred her dry martini listening to Ted babble about how “I can’t stop thinking about you Ivy. I dream about you at night and the way you sucked my cock. I want to taste you right this second. Meet me in the men’s restroom, I’ll be waiting.” He winked at her and sauntered down the hall. She sat drinking the rest of her martini slowly considering fucking him again before she dropped the hammer on his world. It took her twenty seconds to make the decision.

As she walked into the men’s restroom he was waiting and his cock was obviously already hard and anxiously awaiting as she could see it protruding through his pants. He backed into the…

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Just the start

Teasing you in the way you love

Dropping light kisses on your breast as my fingers slide up and down your moist lips
Awaking your passion your warm breath on my cheek before we kiss

Your body arches as my fingers enter you

Your wetness stretched

Your body writhing

Sucking on your nipples your moans fill the darkness
Pleading, begging you yean for even more

Shaking as you release your fingers grip my hair. Your pleas have turned to cries as wave after wave rocks your body. My lips lock onto yours as we share a breathless kiss. 

Sliding out I stroke your face and whisper to you what you already know. 

This is just the start.


Loving back to front

Her back was painted beautifully. Her shapely body greeted him like a living work of beautiful art. She didn’t look round as he stepped closer. Feeling him close she tried to prepare for his touch.

A shudder as his hands savoured her shape and feel, sliding up her body she felt his breath on her. Soft kisses down her neck, her pulse racing as his hands slid round her body. Slowly upwards they moved, cupping her breasts he kissed down her spine. Every touch of his lips bringing her to new heights of desire. 

His kisses moving up as his hand moved down he glanced in the mirror to see her look. Eyes closed, breathless her hands gripped his arm as strong thick fingers slipped between her wet folds. Rubbing deeper her moans increase. Watching her body writhing in the mirror, whispers of filthy passion spoken in her ear. Crying out he holds her firm. Writhing hard his fingers push deeper, her pussy gripping, pulsating as she coats his fingers in her warm essence. Rubbing harder she cries as he whispers for her to take it… To cum harder. Her erect nipples thrust forward as she tries to control her ecstasy. Only when he stops does she calm… Breathless she moans as his fingers slide out. Taking his hand she licks her juice from his fingers, exciting him she sucks them clean.

Moving back he strips, throbbing hardness released he guides her back. Still without a backwards glance she follows his lead. Seeing his swollen manhood in the mirror she grins. Lowering down his thick girth stretches her as he enters. Moaning as his throbbing length is taken. Sliding in deeper until he’s inside her, balls deep. Gripping her body both grind, enjoying every delicious inch of his swollen cock. Writhing in delight both want it harder, deeper. Fucking each other harder, her body writbing she cums over him, crying his name. Watching in the mirror her body quakes, watching as her body shakes. Muscles pulsating round his cock. Watching her in the mirror as he fucks her hard. Tits bouncing as she yells out.

Leaning back she lays on his chest, his passion relentless as her pussy is fucked hard and deep. His hands reaches down to her clit, rubbing hard as he grips her breast. Her body writhing and shaking she screams his name cumming hard her juices run. Swollen up his climax builds, throbbing hard as her pussy grips him. Moaning he’s about to cum she yells she wants it deep inside. The last thrust hit home hard and his cock explodes. Feeling him pumping deep inside her she, moans for him to keep going. Loving the throbbing deep inside.

Only when spent does the pace slow to stop. Breathless the couple lay there and recover. Turning finally they share a kiss as she lays on the chest of her lover, warm and satisfied. 


Hard As Nails – Part II – By Lennon

Passionate Liasons

Vince would do anything for Ivy. In fact, anyone on her crew would do whatever she needed done and never question it. They had deep respect for her and were extremely loyal. She ran a tight racket in Helena. She exuded confidence. She appealed to men and women. She showed empathy to others but if you ever betrayed her or hurt someone she cared about….she would come for you.

She got her start by working at a car lot and she knew how to sell. She learned to hustle quickly. Once she got the sweet taste of money there was no stopping her. The owner of the car lot was also a bookie. She went on a run with him one time and watched him take a blow torch this the guys hands while she waited in his Lincoln town car.

It didn’t spook her at all. When he threw…

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Hard As Nails – Part I – By Lennon

Hard As Nails Part I – By Lennon

Passionate Liasons


After reading the front page of the newspaper Ivy was well aware Operation  Barsetti was complete. Although Helena’s population was less than 30,000 people, it had secrets within the locals. Who knew there could be so much corruption in the state of Montana?

Ivy was only twenty seven years old but had grown up fast, she had no other choice. Ever since she was ten years old she had to step up and take care of herself and younger brother Dillon. Both she and her brother had become very successful despite what they been through.

As she laid in bed watching the snow fall that particular morning she couldn’t help but think to herself how life could’ve been so much different if her parents would’ve loved them and been there for her and Dillon.

She thought to herself… Stop feeling sorry for yourself. What a waste of time Ivy.


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Fucking you against the wall

You drive me wild

All night you’ve teased me

The look, the touch says it all,

I push you to the wall, our mouths locked in a passionate kiss

My jeans drop, your dress rides up as you lock your legs round me

With a push my hardness is pushed deep into you, i feel you nails dig as I thrust myself deep into you

Our bodies rubbing together, you legs tighten

Your grip tightens round me, your nails digging deeper as I growl into your ear

Shaking with desire you release, you moans loud in my ear as I keep fucking you hard, every inch filling your quivering pussy

Throbbing hard I explode, not stopping, filling you as we both groan and shake until done.

With a grin you climb off me, straigtening your dress as I re-dress, no one knows as we return to the party.


Feel me

Crawling up me you look at me as you crawl up my body, your dark eyes being mysterious. Looking down your chest, your cheeky top reveals a lot. You grin because yu know you’re teasing me. 

Rubbing your hand up and down my hard cock, i slide my hands up you body.  Soon after your top is removed ive got you naked on top of me, stripping me bare. 

I watch as your fingers wrap round my shaft. Thick and throbbing you pump me as you look up at me. Your tongue slides round my swollen purple end before you take me in your mouth, pumping still with your hand you suck me hard and deep as i shake under you. Groaning and writhing im totally in your power. 

With a load groan my cock throbs hard as i explode, my cum filling your mouth, you drink me down and keep going. Crying out, you relentlessly suck me making me hard all over again.

Kissing you as I roll you over, youre getting it now. My tongues licks at your juicy lips as my thumb teases your clit. Moaning with pleasure you writhe and grip my hair until you release all over my tongue.

Still breathless we kiss as my dick slides into you, arching as you take my girth I fuck you like the the dirty girl you are. Hard and swollen youre stretched as I fuck you, not stopping as you cum over and over…

Breathlessly we part, sliding out of you. Late nights at the office would never be the same!