Fuck me…


Favorites – By Lennon –


What the fuck was I doing? Yes, he was VP of marketing and so wickedly hot. Something about men in power and them wanting me is what tempted me the most. We had e-mailed back and forth for years bantering about the numbers and how well I handled the major accounts. There were several conferences we had attended with other colleagues but had never been alone together before.

That night at the office we were both working late on a project and before we knew it, it was really late. No one else was in the building. I would say we flirted but it was so much more than that. We fucked with each others minds. For instance, me asking him “What time is it?” John responding with “It’s time for you to let your guard down with me.” He was mysterious, well assured, extremely intelligent. He wore suspenders and had unbuttoned his top button. He had gray streaks through his jet black hair. He had ice blue eyes that stared at me constantly.

Finally I had all I could take. Fuck it. I stood up and walked right over to him and hiked up my skirt to reveal I didn’t wear any panties that day and straddled him. I grabbed his head and began kissing him as he grabbed my ass grinding into me. He moaned and began unbuttoning my shirt and ripping my bra off. As he picked me up and put me on the conference table he unbuckled his belt…something about the sound of a man unbuckling a belt….God, I love it. He turned me over and I got on all fours and he climbed up on the table and mounted me.

He leaned in close to my ear while fucking me hard and fast “Fuck Lennon! I need this….I’ve wanted to fuck you for years. You’re tighter and even hotter than I imagined.”

I turned around watching him hold my hips while he continued drilling into me. He pulled my hair and continued going deeper inside of me. I watched him in the mirror hanging on the wall in front of me as he had complete control over me as I came and shook with intense pleasure.

The next day we continued with our banter and he went back to North Carolina. Every time he visited the office we would meet for cocktails and fucking. About a year later we both moved on. Now that I think about it, we should’ve never acted on the animal instincts since we worked together but then again, it was amazing.

This song, My Favorite Mistake was out when we were fucking so anytime I hear this song, it takes me back.

Seeing double – By Simon

There you both were, two women of such beauty getting off on my bed. My girl friend and your best friend? At first neither of you noticed, then you both spotted me, with a teasing look you both got back to it. Watching as my hard on grew, captivated as I watched you devouring your mouths, your bodies nestling perfectly. With a swift move your friend had you laying down, her fingers sliding into you, making your chest heave as she rubbed you to orgasm, your cries filling the room as your clit was rubbed hard.

Wasting no time you get between her legs and started licking her out, cries of guttural pleasure let out of her mouth. Your perfect bum presented to me, unable to resist I strip and cross the room. My cock so hard, nudging your wet lips my hard on slides into you, I feel your body tense as I enter and fill you. Wasting no time I make you feel every inch as you lick and suck. A tone of three voices in ecstasy ring out. Our climaxes build,we fuck until we cannot take no more, I hear you groan into her pussy as you cum . I’m only seconds behind you, gripping your ass and finishing deep inside you.

Then you both turn to me, giggling you both savor my limp cock. Licking and sucking you both make me hard as you tell me your friend wants a fuck too. Laying back she spreads her legs as you both kiss and fondle your bodies. The amazing sight is irresistible,  I push my length into her and feel her instantly grip me. Thrusting hips and licking tongues combine and soon your friend is writhing, crying out she cums over me.

Quickly taking her place you want more, wrapping your legs round my hips you draw me in, my hardness pushed in deep, our bodies slapping together, your friend sucks and nips at your tits making you cry out. I push my fingers deep into her as she presents her bum to me. All three of us close to climax, going wild as we all cry out. Bodies writhing and throbbing until we collapse on the bed. 

Lips kissing in satisfied glow with the thought of maybe a next time.


Two For One? – By Lennon –

Walk in….unzip your pants and shove your cock in my mouth. Afterwards flip me over, mount me and drive your cock into me slow but deep…..tease me and own me….don’t forget to pull my hair. 

I’m tight and you’re having a very difficult time controlling yourself aren’t you? Harder…faster….so fucking deep…..you scream out…..

But we’re not done….lie flat on your back…..let me straddle your face. My blonde friend walks in and climbs on top of your still hard cock and bucks while you’re licking and sucking my clit. 

Did you think it was over? Not a chance.