All over you by Simon

Hitting me like a stone your body captivates me

Your eyes pierce my soul and awaken me

Where we are no longer matters, only the desire that burns

Our clothes drop off us, bodies entwined like our tongues

Souls becoming one like our bodies as our need grows, entering you in a swift stroke

Fucking you like nothing else matters

Bodies shaking

Tensing as we feel every move and twitch, lost to each other

The last thrust, erupting cock, walls grip, bodies shatter in helpless release

Nothing needs to be said its been done without a word spoken.


Monday moaning: Backlit Exposure by Simon

I walked into your room and there you were, backlit againt your window. Nothing at all was left to the imagination. I felt uneasy but you said asked me to come in. You looked across at me with a wicked smile.

“There you are!” Shannon purred at me. “Come in and sit down.” she gestured. I sat next to her on the window ledge.

“When are the others coming?” I asked.

“Theyll be a little while yet.” Shannon purred again. “We have a few things to do first before they get here. Did you know Graham’s coming? ”

“I didnt…” I replied. Fuck it. I hated Graham, such a cocky fuck that was always trying to get into Shannons knickers. He was so obvious.

Just then I went stiff and not just my dick. Shannon was flirting and it was turning me on, but now i wqs rock hard as her hand rubbed up and down my throbbing shaft.

“Does that feel good?” Shannon was now grinning with that same evil look.

“The others arent coming are they?” I. stammered.

“Yes, but like i say we have a few things to do first. You’re so blind, I want you Tom” Shannon went on “I want you all over me and between my legs, I know you hate Graham and i want you to fuck me so that you can spend the evening thinking about it while he flirts with me, then after maybe you might have an idea of waht we can do after…”

I was quivering, he had her hand round my cock and was pulling back and forth. My hands slid up her body under her dress. He body was silky smooth and she had no undies on at all. Getting up I turned her round one hand slid under her dress, my fingers started rubbing her wet lips as i kissed up her neck to her ear, breathing into it I told her “do you know how much I’ve fantasised about you?

Her olny answer were her soft moans as my fingers lid inside her, my other hand unzipped her dress which fell to the floor around her feet. I pushed my fingers into her deeper, she gripped my hand as I rubbed her aching clit. I pressed my hard cock into her ass, her moans getting louder and louder as my fingers pushed harder and deeper inside her.

“F-f-fuck” Shannon groand as I felt her cum, her body tensed and shudderd finger as I kept finger fucking her, feeling her pussy falls grip my fingers. 

“Now im really going to fuck you!” I whispered in her ear, grinning she said nothing and i slipped off my shirt and trousers,piling them over her dress. Shannon had turned around and was rubbing my cock hard, her fingers not able to get around its girth. I pushed her to the wall. Wrapping her legs round me she guided my cock to her cunt.

“Fuxk me hard big boy!” Shannon purred. She was about to say something else, but gasped asiI thrust my cock hard inide her.

“Fuck!” we both groaned. Not wasting time I gripped her ass, kissing her deeply as our tongues danced over each other. Slidign right out before thrusting back inside her, I made her feel every inch stretch her. Hips grinding we couldn’t get enough of each other. Shannon was shaking, her body wanting more “harder, fuck me harder” she yelled at me.

Her gorgeous tits bounced against me, gripping her ass harder I pulled her in and made her feel every throbbing inch of my cock deep inside her. She couldnt get the words out as shae started reaching her peak. I couldnt think of anything but fucking her, my cock swelled up, both of us moaning and grunting. Biting my shoulder Shannon cried out into me, then threw her head back “fucking hell!”

Her body shudderd on me, her cunt clamped my cock “Shannon! Fuck!” I cried out. Throbbing hard inside her, not stopping as we both cried out with every fuck. Feeling my cock erupting I didn’t stop until she had all of my thick juice.

Breathlessly we rested for a moment before getting ready, all night Graham flirted as we exchanged wicked looks. The end of the evening came. But thats another story… 


Infatuation By Lennon


I began to daydream again about her. She was intelligent, successful and extremely witty. Sure, I was an attractive guy but she, my god, she was sexy. I’m not sure if it was the way she looked at me or possibly that sweet fragrance she wore but she had me possessed. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

From the morning I woke up to showering I would think about her. It was as if she was a mysterious tease that was fucking with my mind. My brain was in a trance. On the way to work every song on my phone taunted me about her. This particular morning the song Talking Body was getting my cock hard thinking about her.

Walking into the office I found myself scanning every direction hoping to catch a glimpse of her. There were tons of women that worked here but none compared to her. There was a certain mystification about Piper that I couldn’t quite figure out. I spotted her with Jake in the break room. She had a cup of coffee in her hand and had her back leaned against the wall in her short skirt and tights. She wore a choker today and her blouse was buttoned all the way up with a sweater and pearls. Her long blond hair was down today and flowing. She had her black glasses on and looked like a professor or something. She laughed at whatever Jake was saying and then we made eye contact.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and said Good Morning to both Piper and Jake. Why couldn’t I be having that conversation with her. She barely even noticed me but at least we made eye contact. Later as the day progressed we were both called into a meeting with Scott the owner and he informed us that we would be working late the next few evenings due to a unique client needing a slogan for a new product. I got chills up my spine thinking that I would finally be working with her and all to myself.

Could tonight be the night that I finally step up and possibly make a move? The entire time Scott was talking I had to keep my Ipad in my lap. I was getting hard just thinking about working with her. I had it bad, I mean bad.

At 5:00 everyone cleared out of the office and I was nervous. Should I go to her office or would she come over to mine? Would I stutter when she asked me something? Nope, I’m going to make a move. Women are not an issue for me. Anytime I go out with my boys women come onto me. I’ve got this.

She came to me. She stood in my door with her files and asked if I was ready to go over the account.

“Absolutely. Just have a seat and we’ll get started on it.”

I started clearing my desk off so she could put her things down but before I knew it she pushed me down into my chair. She slung her hair back and took off her glasses and looked at me with those pale blue eyes.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me Grant and I think you want this as bad as I do. Do you want me to fuck you senseless?”

I didn’t even answer her I ripped her blouse open to see those ample breasts. I unhooked her bra to free them and began sucking her rose colored nipples. She threw her head back and grinded on my cock in my lap. I pulled up her little short pleated skirt to find those thigh highs. For fuck’s sake this was hotter than I had imagined.

I stood up while picking her up and laid her on my desk. She pulled her panties to side and I devoured her sweet pussy. She was moaning and calling out my name. It was the best sound I’d ever heard. She arched her back as I flicked my tongue in and out of her. She then sat up and pushed me down in my chair again and eased her tight pussy onto my shaft.

She began grinding and arching her back as she rode me hard holding onto the back of my neck. She got faster and faster and I picked her up again and bounced her on my cock hard. Her tits were bouncing and I licked and sucked them as I fucked her. She was fucking amazing. My dick couldn’t get enough of her tight cunt.

We winded up on the floor and her on top again and she raked her nails down my chest and bucked wildly until we both came.

She stood up and pulled her skirt down and buttoned up her shirt and put her glasses back on. I got myself together and she said “I knew you were infatuated with me. Everyone pointed it out. I wanted to fuck you too so now that that’s over, let’s dig into these files and create the best fucking slogan ever. You with me Grant?”

Wow, she was incredible. I wanted to fuck her all over again but we had work to do. Tove Lo was performing in a few weeks, maybe I’ll ask Piper out on a real date and get tickets? Why not since our bodies did talk right?


Cooking up passion – Simon –

First thing in the morning and this is how youre dressed. Looking you up and down my excitement shows.

The kitchen top is the closest place to put you. Your look abd grin tells me your thinking.

In no time the little you wore is on the floor. Your legs pull me close, desire building, bodies entwine.

Your gasp as I enter you excites me more. Your moans of desire grip me as much as your body does.

Passion reaches climax as we feel every inch of desire, every shaking muscle bringing moans of passion. The last thrusts make erupt deep inside you, your climax shattering round me as we both let out sounds of release.

For moments after just your breathing is all I feel, your legs and breasts are all I feel.


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