Breaking Her In… – By Lennon –


It was 8 pm and Frankie was alone and waiting on her last client to show up. She was running late and almost there according to her text.

Frankie owned the salon and normally didn’t take appointments after 8 pm but this was a new client that was referred by her lawyer. Frankie’s salon was in Midtown which was a high end area of Atlanta.

Frankie used to model for Ford Modeling agency and had quit three years ago to fulfill her dreams in having her own high end salon. Her life was fast paced, exciting, and rewarding.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend a couple of months ago and hadn’t been interested in getting involved with anyone again. She was fine alone. She didn’t need a man to fulfill her needs. Fuck that shit.

As Frankie was checking her twitter on her phone she heard the door open and there was this incredibly beautiful girl standing there.

“You must be Frankie, I’m Sasha. I’m sorry I’m late.”

“You’re fine, have a seat. What are you wanting done to your hair?”

“Just highlights and a trim basically.”

Frankie mixed up the color in the back thinking to herself….  Damn, I’m attracted to her. Why??? I’m not a lesbian. I’ve never had the urge to experiment with a woman. What the fuck would I do with her if I did try?

As she went to reach for something in the cabinet Sasha was standing right there smiling and looking Frankie up and down.

“I have a confession. I’ve watched you throughout the years and followed your modeling career and had my lawyer to refer me to you to get a chance to meet you. You’re fucking hard to get an appointment with Frankie.”

Frankie just stared at Sasha as she started walking towards her…..

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while now Frankie. It’s to my understanding you’ve never been fucked by a woman. I’m about to break you in. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to fuck you here tonight and right now.”

She moved fast and had her tongue in Frankie’s mouth so fast that she almost came instantly. She was so fucking turned on by Sasha’s aggressiveness she couldn’t control herself. Sasha grabbed her ass and began kissing and licking Frankie’s neck and slowly moved down to her chest and unzipped her top. Frankie’s tits were fantastically succulent. As Sasha began sucking them Frankie moaned “I can’t believe I’m doing this. You’re turning me on so much.”

Sasha moved over to the couch “I want you to grind your pussy on my face. I can’t wait to taste you.”

Frankie took her skirt off and then started unbuttoning Sasha’s top and dove into her tits while fondling them and then moved to her mouth and searched with her tongue as she moaned.

Sasha guided Frankie to her face and it was as if Frankie knew exactly what to do…..she began moving slowly while watching Sasha devour her. She writhed and bucked and watched biting her lip in ecstasy. Never did she think she’d be so turned on by a hot bitch eating her pussy but she was even more turned on than she’d ever been.

She came within minutes and then returned the favor to Sasha. Sasha was sweet and wet and Frankie lapped it up flicking her tongue in and out of Sasha’s cunt. She tasted like oranges and she couldn’t get enough of her. After they were done sucking on each other they went out for cosmo’s and vowed to do it again very soon.





Rivalry In & Out – Lennon –

sexy pic 6


Tiffany had been at the office for far too long that day. It was after 9 already but she was finalizing a million dollar contract. It was worth it. She’d landed the mother of all clients and she was determined to keep them satisfied.

A knock at the door to her office startled her. Richie was leaning against her door with this villainous smile. He was her office rival. He was from New York and she was from Savannah. He was confident, witty, intelligent and incredibly sexy.

“Are you going to stay here all night Tiffany or are you going to finally have a drink with me?”

She had avoided having a drink with him for years now. But, seeing as she had no plans tonight and it wouldn’t be a date. It’s just a drink, why the fuck not?

“Sure Richie, I’ll let you buy me a drink. We’ll celebrate the promotion that I’ll get next week. You do know I’ll get it and you won’t right?”

Richie laughed as she walked past him and put his hand on the small of her back as they walked down the hall.

“Funny how we’re always up against each other whether it’s for a promotion or an award isn’t it? But, our bodies haven’t ever been against one another have they?”

Tiffany just grinned and shrugged as he led her into his office.

“I figured why not just have a drink here instead of going out to a loud bar. This way we can talk and get to know each other. Want a martini or would you rather do shots of tequila? I have quite the selection here.”

Tiffany sat down….”Line up six shots of tequila.”

“Seriously? You’re going to do three shots? I really don’t know you do I?”

“Oh Richie, I’m not doing three shots, I’m doing all six. Man up and do six with me.”

It turned into a competition just like business with them. They wanted to see who could drink the most and whomever passed out first would have to take on a wack job client that everyone had passed around because he was difficult. No one wanted that client but whoever fell asleep, passed out or threw up would have to take him.

Both Richie and Tiffany knew how to drink tequila. They were lit to say the least but nowhere near getting sick or passing out. They laughed exchanging stories about college and past relationships and what they did to wreck each one of them.

Tiffany got up to stretch and walk around his office as she ventured over to the bar area in front of the mirror she admired a picture of him framed on a shelf. As she was studying it she asked if it was taken in St. Thomas?

Before she got an answer he was behind her with his arms wrapped around her stomach staring at her in the mirror in front of her. He surprised her when she felt how hard his cock was so close to her ass.

He reached one hand up to her top button on her black button up shirt and started unbuttoning it while continuing to watch her face in the mirror. As his tongue began teasing her earlobe she almost fell to the floor. She was no doubt intoxicated and feeling turned on like never before.

When he exposed her see through black lacy bra and her perfect tits he bit her ear and whispered “I’ve imagined fucking you for years Tiffany. There’s something about you that I can’t explain that drives me insane.”

She turned around to face him and grabbed him from behind his neck and pulled him into her mouth. She devoured him with her tongue as he moaned and felt his throbbing dick pushing harder against her.

She pulled away and dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants to find he wasn’t wearing any underwear. She sprung his cock free and grabbed his ass cheeks and began licking his head while looking up at him. He held the back of her head and pushed it farther so she would take it. She sucked hard and took his cock like a pro. In and out over and over until he came and let out a loud “Fuck!”

He pulled her up and ripped her bra off and began sucking her nipples and biting them as she let out a soft moan she pushed her down into a chair and hiked up her skirt. She had on black thigh highs with no panties. She spread her legs willingly and he dove in licking, sucking, eating her pussy as if he had been in  dessert for months.

“I love the the way you eat my pussy Richie with your wicked tongue…” She wiggled and held the back of his head “You taste so sweet, I can’t get enough of it.”


She pushed him off of her and stood up and he quickly turned her towards the mirror on the wall so they were both facing it and bent her over the chair and slid his dick slowly inside of her wet tunnel and watched her face as her eyes were getting bigger as she felt the length of him. He slid back out and back in slowly again. She licked her lips and watched him as he stared at her tight ass every time taking his hard thick cock in and out so slowly. Suddenly without warning he plowed with full force inside of her fast and forceful. She squealed as her body raised up and he pumped her hard over and over while her breasts were bouncing. She could hear his balls slapping her ass continuously.

“God Damn I love fucking you! Your pussy is fucking tight, I can’t get enough of you.”

“Hmmm, don’t stop Richie, keep fucking me hard and fast!”


She loved watching him in the mirror. He was so strong holding her legs up while plowing in and out. She was so turned on watching her tits bounce because he was fucking her so hard. He let go of one leg and wrapped her long hair in his fist and pulled her head back while fucking her even harder than before.

Finally he took the other hand and grabbed one of her breasts while riding her and rapidly pounding away at her pussy until they both came hard.

Tomorrow they would look at each other completely different. Tiffany couldn’t help but wonder if this would happen again, she could only hope so. She would ride the fuck out of him next time.















Climb on me – by Simon

Climb onto me baby.

I want to feel you next to me.

Climb onto me and grind yourself against me.

You can feel me getting harder.

Climb onto me and moan when you feel my hardness slide deep inside you.

Don’t be gentle take it how you want it and I’ll push to make sure we hit home.

Cling onto me baby, don’t stop. Don’t stop baby.  Fuck yes.

Grip me hard baby cum over my manhood.

Hold me baby.  Hold me and feel me throb inside you.

By Simon
Picture from tumblr