For Sale By – Lennon –


Keith waited patiently for his client to show up at the featured home he was so desperately trying to sell. She was already over an hour late. But, if he sold this beautiful home in the elite gated community here in Miami it would be an excellent way to start the year.


He was a new upcoming realtor in Miami. He’d just moved to the city a few weeks ago. Something drew him to Miami….a beautiful woman. Unfortunately she broke his heart and kicked him out a week ago. He decided to stay in Miami. There were too many beautiful women here to leave. Sure he was sad about the break up. He cared for her and all that jazz but now that he was free, he would live it up whenever he could. Lately, it was work, work and more work.

His phone rang and it was Mrs. Blake, his client. “I’m almost there Keith. My apologies for the delay. Are you ready for me?”

“Yes, of course Mrs. Blake. I’m sitting on the back patio with a glass of wine. Will Mr. Blake be with you? I think he’ll love it.”

“No Keith, Mr. Blake is out of town and I make the real estate purchases. I’m pulling in the drive way now, what’s the code?”

He told her the code and hung up to walk to the front entrance. Shocked that she didn’t bring Mr. Blake but actually it might be an easier sell. Mrs. Blake was a very attractive older woman. Not much older, maybe forty? His girlfriend had actually introduced them last week at a party and she mentioned to Keith that she was looking for something a bit more modern with an edge and of course a pool.

As she pulled into the drive and the car door opened he saw her incredible legs stretch one at a time out of the car…..

She sauntered towards him removing her black gloves. She licked her lips and then bit her bottom one as she reached the door where he was standing.


“Hi Mrs. Blake, come in, will you have a glass of wine with me?”

“Absolutely Keith. I’m in no rush to see the house. I’d rather have a few drinks and enjoy the patio for a few minutes and get to know each other a little better.”

He escorted her out to the deck and cut on some music and handed her a glass of wine. He raised his glass and said “Cheers to your house hunt and getting to know YOU better Mrs. Blake.” As their wine glasses clinked she said “I like it when you call me Mrs. Blake Keith.”

“Funny story about that. I used to have the biggest crush on my teacher and her name was Mrs. Blake. I can’t tell the number of times I masturbated to the thought of her.” She smiled at him while taking another sip of her wine.

“Why did I just tell you that? How embarrassing that I just said that to you, a client. I am so sorry, accept my apologies Mrs. Blake? That wasn’t professional at all.”

“Keith, please, no apology necessary.” She raised her glass to him and said “Cheers to masturbating to Mrs. Blake.”

Keith laughed and felt at complete ease instantly. It was as if he’d known her for quite some time. She had a sophisticated, edgy, classy but bad girl persona. He liked every single thing about that scenario. What he would give to fuck Mrs. Blake right this minute.

He watched her long legs as she walked around the pool area with her wine glass and short skirt. He felt himself getting hard just watching her. She was taking it all in and enjoying the summer breeze. She was quiet and obviously in deep thought. Her long hair was slightly blowing as she turned and looked at him over her shoulder. He raised his glass and smiled from the patio table.

She walked towards him and sat her wine glass on the table and stood right in front of his chair looking down at him noticing his bulge pressing hard against his trousers, it was busting at the seams.

What was she doing just standing there in front of him looking down at him?

“I felt your eyes watching me when I was standing over by the pool. Don’t be afraid Keith. I don’t bite. You want me and I want you. Let’s make this happen, shall we?”

He fumbled for his belt, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his zipper while breathing hard and fast. He was nervous and excited with the anticipation for putting his stiff rod inside of her.

She pulled up her skirt and began unbuttoning her blouse to reveal her 40D exquisite tits in a lacy black bra. He saw she had on no panties and was showing off that righteous soft pussy. He immediately dove in with his tongue grabbing her ass cheeks forcefully and pulling her in. As he licked and sucked her clit with one swift move she unleashed her tits which bounced out and she began playing with her own nipples while his tongue dove in and out of her pussy.

She felt so turned on and so sexy as he lapped her up. She hadn’t felt this fucking horny in years. Her husband didn’t know how to eat pussy like Keith that’s for sure. She relished in it moving her hips front to back in sync with his tongue as she moaned and squealed with pleasure.

She tasted so sweet but yet salty as she came in Keith’s mouth. He was loving every fucking second of this. She screamed out “Fuck Keith, you’re fantastic at eating pussy!!!!” His cock was in full attention at this point from being so fucking turned on from her pussy and those bouncy tits he had precum on the top and felt like he was going to explode.

“How about your return the favor Mrs. Blake? I’ve got something for you right here in my lap.”

She looked at his swollen massive cock and had a twinkle in her eye…”Oh God Keith, your dick is huge but I’m going to suck it so good for you, you want it don’t you? You want it really bad don’t you?” He nodded desperately like a child wanting a piece of cake. “Yes! I want it bad, I need it Mrs. Blake, I need you to suck it hard.”

At this point she was teasing him on her knees with one hand playing with his balls not touching his shaft or his head just looking at it licking her lips anticipating the taste and the fullness in her mouth. She loved being in control. She was going to suck him like he’d never been sucked before. Slowly she started at the bottom of his shaft licking it and nibbling on the bottom working her way up to the top. He watched her as her pink tongue licked the precum off of the top of  his cock. She moaned and made eye contact with him as he was gripping onto the chair and his cock was bouncing wanting more of her hot sweet mouth on it to suck it dry.

He loved the teasing but he’d had enough. He quickly grabbed her head and pushed it down as she sucked fast and rapidly. She took him like a champ and he bucked and moaned as he shot his load into her hot tight mouth. He cried out “Mrs. Blake! God Damn you’re sensational!”

She stood up and smiled at him with her skirt still up showing off her pussy grinning at him “You needed that and so did I Keith.”

“Oh Mrs. Blake, we’re not done here. He stood and picked her up and carried her inside to the kitchen and laid her onto the floor and mounted her taking control of her body.


As he slid his tremendous cock inside of her cunt he let out a growl “Fuck, you’re so tight.” His rhythm was on point with hers. While one had was around her neck and the other around her stomach she panted and felt lost in the moment. It felt as if his cock was in her chest. He was in and out filling her up and taking her over the complete edge. Back and forth he rocked her and whispered in her ear “You need it don’t you? You want it? Tell me how bad you want it Mrs. Blake.”

“I want it. I want it so bad. You’re fucking me so good, like no one has ever fucked me Keith!”

At that moment while her tits were bouncing and her mouth was wide open in shock from the massive orgasm she was having he shot his cum into her pulling her hair and screaming out “Mrs. Blake! I love fucking you, God Damn you’re so fucking sexy!”

As his tempo slowed down rocking her kissing her neck she turned and looked at him and said “Sold!”













Hard As Nails Part V -Closure By – Lennon –

As months went by Vince closed the deal. Surprisingly, he convinced Ivy to quit the game. She gave it all up for Presley. Dilly and Dayton’s adoption was approved. Vince and Ivy were invited to travel with them to meet and pick her up in Texas.

Ivy will never forget the first time she laid eyes on Presley. She was a healthy, chubby  14 month old and wobbling around in a pale pink and aqua little dress with a big bow in her blonde curly hair sucking her thumb while holding a teddy bear.

Presley was as much Ivy’s child as Dillon and Dayton’s. When she picked her up for the first time and put her on her knee and Presley touched Ivy’s cheek and said “Pwetty” she began to tear up. Vince whispered in Ivy’s ear “It’s time to get out of the business Ivy. Give up this reckless lifestyle. She’s worth it don’t you think?”

“I’m out. Call Fresco, Atlanta and our attorney and finalize it for me Vince. Call a realtor as well, I’m selling my place and moving here to San Diego.”

Vince excused himself from dinner and immediately went outside and made the calls. He couldn’t believe she was finally giving it up.

God damn, she’s going to move out here and I’m still living in Montana. What would she say if I moved out here too? I could sell the security businesses and take an early retirement.

From there things moved very fast. Ivy’s place sold within two weeks and she found a sweet condo close to Dillon and Dayton’s home. They were beyond thrilled that she was moving to be closer to them.

The rain was coming down and Ivy was finishing up packing some things while drinking her second bottle of wine when she heard a knock at the door. Figuring it was Vince….”Come in!”

The door opened and when she made eye contact her glass dropped and shattered all over the hardwood floor.

How did they find me? Is this really happening? Am I so fucking drunk that I’m hallucinating?

It all seemed to happen in slow motion as they walked towards her. Their mouths were moving but she couldn’t hear what they were saying. Before she knew it she was on the floor, her head hurt badly…

Is that blood running down the side of my head?  Why are they tying me up? Help?

She was fading in and out but she could hear their voices now….

“Good thing we didn’t abort her. Now we get her money. She thought she was going to leave us with nothing. Fuck her. It’s all ours. We’re the ones who raised her and if it weren’t for us she wouldn’t have all of this. We showed her how to hustle. It’s time to take what’s ours.”

Ivy laid on the floor tied up with blood streaming down her temple and tears down her cheeks.

How the fuck did they find me? She made sure the attorney took care of them and kept them away from her. The last she’d heard they’d been in jail for a hit and run. How were they even out?

While her Mom went into the other room laughing and kicking boxes over her Dad climbed on top of her…..he licked the blood off of her cheek and then stuck his tongue in her ear…

“How about Daddy show you something? You’d like that wouldn’t ya? Mommy doesn’t care who I fuck, my as well be you.”

“Get the fuck off of me!”

She heard her Mom scream from the bedroom and then a loud crash and a thump. It sounded like she fell. No more screaming. Just quietness. Her Dad ignored the scream and loud crash as he was unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down. Ivy was kicking and squirming trying to get out from under him while her hands were tied there wasn’t much she could do.

She began praying silently in her mind….Please God, I know I’ve done bad things, but please, please get me out of this. I want to live…I have so much more to do. Help me God please.

That’s when she saw him walking soft and quick coming towards her and stood right above her Dad as she was pulling at Ivy’s clothes…

Vince grabbed a fistful of her Dad’s hair and pulled him off of her throwing him to the side like a rag doll. He helped Ivy up and untied her while her Dad tried to make a run for the door. Vince grabbed him and pulled him back into the house and grabbed a butcher knife from her counter and put it in her Dad’s hand.

Vince said “Come at me old man, let’s do this.”

A million things went through Ivy’s mind at that split second…Oh God, please don’t kill Vince, I love him, Noooooo!

Her father lunged at Vince with the knife but Vince was too quick for him and shifted to the right. Her father fell on the floor and gathered himself to his knees and looked up at Vince as Vince put his pistol to the man’s head “You’ll never touch her or Dillon again.” He shot him right between the eyes and  his body fell over into a slump.

“You really love me Ivy?”

“What? I said that out loud?”

“Yeah, you did.”

Vince dropped the gun on the table next to him and walked over to Ivy and cradled her face in his hands….”I love you too. I’ve loved you from the moment I met you. No one will ever hurt you again Ivy, EVER.”

He took his thumb and rubbed it over her bottom lip to wipe the blood from it and gently kissed her as tears streamed down her face. She put her arms around his neck and he kissed her slowly and held her. When he let go she looked at him and said “I knew you loved me. I just didn’t realize I loved you too. I was so afraid you would leave me or I would lose you. That’s why I’ve always had my guard up with you. I didn’t want you to hurt me or me to hurt you. I’m going to let you in Vince. I’m going to give you all of me, if you’ll have me.”

He smiled at her while pulling out his cell phone. “How hard did he hit you in the head Ivy?”

She laughed as he dialed 911. As he stayed on the phone with 911 while wrapping Ivy in a blanket waiting on the police to get there Vince imagined his life with Ivy in San Diego. It took all of five seconds to decide he was going with her.

Four days later they arrived in San Diego at their new condo. They’d had a long flight but were happy to be there. Vince was opening up a bottle of wine in the kitchen. Dillon and Dayton had stopped by the day before and left a basket with wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, and a few other things to have when they arrived.

They’d been through so much the last few days. It had all been a whirlwind with Ivy and Vince and the police. They’d had no time at all to really talk about they’re future or to even explore each others minds or bodies.

She wanted Vince more than she’d ever wanted anything right now, at this moment, this second. Ivy stepped out onto the balcony ….


As Vince took a sip of his wine he saw her standing there on the balcony with her dress up and her eyes taking him in. He sat the wine down and walked towards her getting hard just looking at her. He stood behind her as she took in the view of the city. One of his hands pulled her thong over to the side while the other hand pulled her face towards him. He began searching her mouth with his tongue.

Her tongue teased him dancing slowly with his while he fingered her clit. Her knees were weak as he massaged and then gently slid two fingers inside of her. She moaned as he moved in closer with his hard cock against her ass. She turned around to face him and then dropped to her knees and unzipped him right out in the open in broad day light she nibbled and sucked the tip of his dick while looking up at him. He looked down at her with one hand in her hair guiding her to suck his thick long cock. She licked, sucked and teased while grabbing his ass and pushing him forward and deeper into her mouth.

He pulled her up before he came…”Let’s go inside so I can fuck you properly Ivy.” He picked her up and carried her inside and laid her on the floor. He took in the moment thinking to himself how beautiful she was and how long he’d waited for this day to come. He began kissing her neck then making his way up to her ear breathing heavy into it and biting her ear. Ivy pulled him into devour his mouth with her tongue again.

When Vince broke free from her kiss he slid down her body and began teasing her clit with his skilled tongue. Ivy was writing to the beat of his tongue in and out of her as her back arched moaning and running her hands through his black hair. He pulled back and started unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his tanned well defined chest.

Ivy moved quickly like a cat and lunged forward at him pushing him down on the floor. She crawled into his lap biting his neck and whispered in his ear “I’ve waited so long for this Vince. I’m going to fuck you senseless.” She slid down on his magnificent cock and took it all in while her eyes rolled in the back of her head he watched her and thought she was the sexiest he’d ever seen her. Ivy began slowly riding up and and down his shaft while he sucked her nipples….


Her breasts were swollen and her nipples were so hard as he sucked and licked them. He moaned as Ivy took him harder and faster riding him furiously….. He watched her gorgeous face as her mouth opened and then shut biting her bottom lip. He breath was fast and her moans were slow. He was in heaven. She was like a drug….he couldn’t get enough of her.He wanted more and more of her.

“It’s my turn Ivy. Let me fuck you senseless.” She laid on her back and he lifted her ass cheeks and thrusts his hard cock inside her. Ivy arched her back….


He was deep inside of her and moving fast and hard. He sensed she wanted more so he picked her up and pulled her into his cock even closer and slid in and out harder and faster over and over listening to her scream and watching her writhe was killing him.

“Oh God Vince! You’re fucking me so good….I can’t hold back anymore…..I don’t ever want you to stop.” As he laid into her and she watched his eyes on her she licked her lips and bit the bottom one and held on tight to his arms and relished in the rapture of him making her cum. He came too and yelled “I fucking love you Ivy!”

The End – By Tatum Carlier

Closure: I’m not going to lie. This was really hard for me to end. I didn’t want it to end. I got really attached to these characters that I had created. I’m sad it’s over. But, it’s time to move forward and see where my mind goes with another story or to pick up where I left off with The Chicago Presentation. Thank you for reading my short stories and I look forward to reading more and hearing your take on these series. As always, I appreciate each and every single one of you followers!

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First day at the Office – By  Simon & Lennon

Today would be Stacy’s first day on the new job. She had accepted the sales representative position with a local drill company in Houston, TX. Hadley hired her himself. He was probably even more excited about her first day than she was. There was a sexual connection he had with her. He could tell the way she looked at him and licked her lips a few times in the interview. She would also cross her legs and when doing so put her hand on her thigh while sheepishly pulling her skirt up just a tiny bit to show the edging of her thigh high. Granted he would probably never get a chance to fuck her….she would be an incredible distraction for him.

As he was in the break room fixing a cup of coffee she walked in wearing a dark grey suit. The skirt was right above her knee and pleated. It almost looked like one of those catholic school girl skirts. Her blouse was unbuttoned pretty low to show her freckles on her chest and perfect cleavage.

“Good Morning Stacy. Are you nervous on your first day?”

“Not at all Mr. Hadley. I’m so ready to learn about drilling.”

Wow he thought. She is ready to go. Not only is she going to be teasing me with her short skirts, dresses, cleavage and that million dollar smile but she’s going to sell the hell out of some drills. He loved her enthusiasm.

The day went by really fast as she was introduced to everyone in the office and spent time with a lot of different departments. He could tell a few of the women didn’t like her already. They were probably jealous as she was younger and much more outgoing and very beautiful. Stacy had wavy long blonde hair and was obviously built like a model. Her legs went on for days. She knew she was gorgeous and used it to her advantage.

Around 4 pm everyone started packing up and heading home but Stacy had asked for a tour in the warehouse and to see the production lines. Hadley took her down to the warehouse and there were only a few people still working as they didn’t do shift work there. It was a small company so they only ran production eight hours a day.

Hadley found the area where they tested the drills and drill bits and began showing Stacy how it worked. As he adjusted the drill bit onto the drill and put on his safety glasses he put the block of wood in the vices and started drilling right through it. Stacy took it all in….

” I want to try. Can I try drilling something myself? Can you show me how?”

“Sure Stacy. Grab the safety glasses behind you.”

How was it even possible that she looked even more intoxicating with safety glasses on? She did. She really did.

She moved in front of Hadley as he handed her the drill.

“Should I just start drilling?”

Hadley decided to change it up a bit. He explained to her the lip relief angle and the shank diameter and how these particular bits were the most durable.

“Let me show you how durable these are. We’ll drill a thick metal bolt so you can see how strong they are.”

He tightened the vice and stood behind her…

“You can start now Stacy.”

“I’m afraid. What if it slides off the shaft since that bolt is metal?”

“Would you mind just putting your arms around my waist and moving closer in so you can guide my hands? Don’t you think that would be safer since I’ve never drilled anything before?”

Hadley jumped at that opportunity and moved in closer and put his arms around her waist and put his hands on hers as they began drilling the bolt he felt a sudden twitch in his cock.

Shit! I’m getting hard standing here watching her drill this bolt in and out. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Back away?

Before he could do anything she bent over just a little bit moving her sexy ass in closer to his cock and began moving it up and down while they were drilling. It was extremely arousing.

Was she coming onto him? Did she want him? Hmmmm, he would take her. He would do some very bad things to her. Fuck, she might do some very bad things to him, hopefully.

He began getting harder and harder as she gently moved up and down with her ass holding that drill and moving it in and out of that bolt between the vices, she was handling the drill masterfully, pushin it in and out, the bolt completely drilled out. Hadley could feel her grinding harder against his hardening cock. He had lost all control of his manhood and the will to control it. He was imagining what was going to happen next, then Stacy stopped the drill and put it down.

“I liked drilling that out” she said, still grinding on Hadley’s thick knob “I was you to show me you drilling skills now!” Stacy purred giving Hadley a wicked look. He slid his hands up her legs, lifting her skirt up, Stacy reached back and was rubbing his cock up and down though his pants. Unzipping his fly she had his cock in her hand and was rubbing it up and down.

“Mmm… a nice, big, hard tool. No pilot holes Hadley, I want you to go in for the full size and strength straight away” Stacy demanded. Hadley slid her panties to one side, she was already wet and dripping when he rubbed his swollen knob end up and down her juicy pussy lips. Hadley was breathless, moaning as he felt the entrance of her pussy on the end of this throbbing cock.


“Mmmm, Hadley you’re a tease. But remember we’re here for drilling practice”

With that he thrust hard up into her tight cunt. Both of them yelped out Fuck!!! as he pushed his way hard up into her as far as he could go, wasting no time he gripped her hips and was fucking her like a jack hammer, deep inside her, pounding her tight pussy, feeling her gripping him as he thrust hard into her. Stacy hips were being pulled hard back onto Hadley’s body, his balls slapping her body.


“Fuck… fuck, yes!! Drill me hard baby!! God your fucking cock is so hard!!” Stacy cried out, she was gripping the bench hard as she pushed back onto Hadley, meeting his trusts perfectly. Her head was suddenly pulled back hard as Hadley gripped her hair and pulled back hard. He moaned into her ear.

“You’re the best bad girl we’ve ever had here and I’m going to make sure you know all there is to know about drilling Stacy!”

“Fuck yes!!!!” Stacy cried out, her body shaking as she exploded right over his cock, Hadley was still fucking her as her walls spasmed round his throbbing shaft. Only a few thrusts later Hadley too cried out “Fucking hell Stacy!!” his body shuddering, his cock pumping his hot cum deep inside Stacy. Hadely kept on fucking his office girl, both of them powerless to resist fucking each other as they were consumed in their climax.

A moment later Hadley stopped, his cock still throbbing inside her, twitching and dripping with the remains of his juice.

“Fuck Stacy… what have we done?”

“Had a fucking good start to a drilling lesson” she replied breathlessly “don’t think this is over by the way, I want to get onto advanced in one lesson” she winked, smiling at him as she slid out his knob, sticky and covered in their mixed cum. She took him by the hand and led him into a side office. In the office there was a small sofa. She pushed Hadley down onto the sofa, kneeling between his legs she began working his cock with her hand. Hadley was taking his shirt off and wriggling off the rest of his clothes. Stacy gave him an evil glint her tongue licking up and down his half limp cock.


Still working it hard with her hand, she took the length into her mouth, Hadley was moaning out as she pushed his manhood deeper into her mouth. Gripping her hair he pushed he head down harder, pushing his cock deeper and deeper until his whole length was in her mouth and down her throat. Pulling her head up Stacy’s saliva covering his now hard and throbbing length. Breathless and smiling she said “Fuck Hadley, you really want another good fuck don’t you? But I want you even bigger before you get it!”

With that she sucked hard on his purple swollen end while she fisted him hard. Hadley was squirming under her as she worked his fuck pole hard.


Fuck… fuck yes Stacy” He whimpered. Paying no heed she got up, and with only a few fluid moves slipped out of her clothes. Hadley had finally got his first look of her naked body, fucking hell those tits are amazing he thought. Climbing onto him, she straddled his body. Slowly she rubbed her juicy pussy lips up and down his thick and rock hard cock.

“I think it’s time I showed you my previous drilling experience” Stacy purred breathlessly as his cock was slid right up inside the horny office girl. She leaned forward over Hadley, her gorgeous tits in his face as she began fucking every inch of Hadley’s rock hard cock. She was pounding him with what struck him as surprising force, she wasn’t messing about and her full weight was pushing him so deep inside her. He took each nipple in turn and sucked and licked on them hard. He felt Stacy’s body shake as he slipped each nipple in his mouth and tried hard to drive her crazy. His hand glanced across her ass as he spanked her, then gripped those gorgeous ass cheeks and pulled her even harder onto him.


“Come on then Stacy” Hadley teased her, barely able to draw breath. I want to see you drill like you said you could… harder” he spanked her, “Harder… harder… harder!!!” In between each command Hadley spanked her ass, harder each time. Stacy responded, fucking Hadley and he thrust his hips up hard into her. Stacy’s moans were turning into cries, louder and louder, Hadley could feel her cumming over and over around his throbbing shaft, taking this hard fucking like she wanted more. Stack pulled back and gripped his shoulders as she pounded him as hard as her little body could, she then gripped her tits pulling at them as Hadley held her from her ass “FUUUCCKKKKK!!!” She yelled out as she shattered all over him, her cum running down Hadley cock and over his body.

Pulling her sweating shaking body onto the sofa Hadley told her “My god you’re amazing Stacy” He panted “I hope you can still take some more because I need to cum again baby!”

He get Stacy on her back getting between her legs, she looked at him smiling “Looks who’s the fucking drilling expert!” She laughed. “Fuck” she cried out as Hadley’s now huge cock was thrust back inside her, Stacy’s legs were wide apart as she could spread them, taking Hadley’s thick cock and whimpering each time he thrust in. He was really pounding, pushing his hard meat up into her as far as it would go, stretching her tight cunt.


She was gripping her tits in desperation, the fucking setting her body on fire, even the slightest touch could make her explode, she was shaking as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body. Her tits bouncing, her body covered in sweat as she submitted all control to this man… this fucking machine.

“OHHH MYYY GODDDD!!!” Stacy cried out tears running down her face, she covered her face with her hands as came with such force. Hadley’s pounding making her tits bounce beyond all control, she thought she would be split, when finally.

“OH FUUUUCCKKK!!” Hadley cried out… feeling him explode inside her, he carried on fucking her, pounding her body with his every throb of his cock pumping her full of his thick load.


Stacy was stroking Hadley’s hair “Oh yes baby, fucking fill me, fill me with your cum” Stacy told him. Hadley slowed down, sliding his throbbing cock in and out of her, filling her until spend as he shuddered and shook. Hadley’s lips met Stacy’s tenderly kissing as they both recovered. Getting their breath back Stacy asked “I thought working with you would be awkward.”

“Why?” Hadley asked.

“I knew you fancied me when you interviewed me, I didn’t know you would be into fucking me on my first day and I thought you would have to be hiding your boner all the time!”

“That’s not going to change, in fact it’ll be worse now” Hadley replied.

“Yes, but now we can do something about it, right?”

Smiling Hadley climbed off Stacy, watching her as she wiped away the tears. She climbed onto him again and kissed him.

“We’re going to get on fine I think” Stacy told Hadley, stroking his hair again.

“We will as long we keep drilling like this. I think I’ll make sure training session are handled personally” he smiled.

by Lennon and Simon

No ownership claimed on pictures.

Hard As Nails Part IV By – Lennon –

Hello Lovers!

Sorry to be MIA this past week. Thankfully, Charlie has kept you entertained and “cumming” back for more of his explicit naughty posts. I’m thrilled he was willing to contribute to this blog as I have been working so much lately and run another blog as well. I love having him here as he gives a man’s point of view on sexual fantasies. How about the images he posts with his stories? Hmmm….put ideas in our heads doesn’t it? I’m thinking about adding more anonymous ghost writers to this blog. Why not right? I already have another female in mind and she’s thinking it over. If she does join The Book Of Tatum, get ready to touch yourself is all I’m saying.

Ok, back to my Hard As Nails story………

After Ivy’s first taste of blackmail and extortion, she was hooked. It seemed like so long ago when she targeted Ted the President of the Chase bank in downtown Missoula, Montana. Since then she had hustled a few bankers throughout the U.S. In fact, two bankers wanted in on her hustle. One in Atlanta and the other in Fresno, CA. Both had became great friends to Ivy. They assisted with finding her next victim and provided her with inside banking information. But, they also had an emotional connection with her. They both loved fucking Ivy. Vince, her right hand arm kept telling her she was allowing them to get too close. He thought it was careless that she allowed them into her racketeering and to continue fucking her.

Fresno actually asked her to move in with him last year.

“Let’s try to make this work Ivy. I care deeply about you. You’re what I’ve always wanted. Let me take care of you and spoil you.”

He was lucky she didn’t tell him to go fuck himself. Anytime anyone showed her any emotion using the “C” word for caring she would immediately cut them off. God help them if they ever said LOVE.

“It would never fucking work Fresno. I will never settle down nor commit to anyone. I commit to me and only me period. You didn’t really think I would move in and bake cupcakes or fix  you dinner? Although you’re an incredible fuck, we’re not fucking anymore. Obviously you don’t understand that this was business and fucking only. We can end this right now if you’re getting emotionally invested. I don’t do emotions. You’ve got it made. We fuck and make money, what more could you ask for? Don’t be greedy Fresno. It doesn’t suit you. You’re better than this.”

The next day he sent her three dozen white roses. Card#1 read I love fucking you! Card #2 read Most of all I want to make more money with you! Card #3 read I’m sorry, please forgive me?

From that point on, Fresno knew the rules and made money and continued fucking Ivy when she was in town. Atlanta never once mentioned the “C” word to her but would do anything for her. The rules were in place and they followed them. Vince had warned them and the business continued to thrive.

Vince knew more about Ivy than anyone. Ivy was an extremely private person and had stone walls up around her protecting her from emotions. To Ivy, emotions were weakness. Only Vince knew her whole story. She had confided in him a few times when she had drank way too much of her favorite Buccella red wine…..

Ivy and Dillon’s parents had shown no mercy on them. If they got in their way they would put them in the dark wet basement of their house and chain them up leaving them with a bucket to relieve themselves. They had no food, water or lights. No windows either. The first time it happened Ivy was eight years old and Dillon five. Dillon would whimper and cry as Ivy held him and rocked him. She would cry sometimes with him but soon she learned that crying wasn’t fixing anything. Their parents had somewhat of a cult living in their house. They would cook meth and deal out of the house and have parties all the time with meth heads and talk about their God’s and hum weird songs in different languages. A few times they laughed and snorted deviously at Ivy and Dillon “We should’ve aborted you both. You’re nothing but dead weight around here.” They did many cruel things to them until one day Ivy took the chance in telling a counselor at school what had been going on. She tried to hold back the tears as she said “I know we’ll be put into foster care but we have to be together. They can’t split us up. I won’t let that happen. Dillon needs me.”

Thankfully Ivy and Dillon were placed in foster care together and shuffled around quite a bit. They grew up knowing no one wanted them. Ivy had to be strong for Dillon always. Dillon was extremely smart but lacked confidence and assertiveness. He was an introvert when Ivy was the complete opposite being extrovert. As soon as Ivy graduated high school that’s when she met Sunny the used car dealer / bookie and got her start.

She paid for Dillon’s college and now he was a successful criminal defense attorney in San Diego. He was happily married to his partner Dayton and they were getting ready to adopt a little girl. Ivy adored Dillon and Dayton. Dillon had struggled as a teenager being homosexual but Ivy always assured him it was important to be himself and not to worry about what others thought of him. When it came to loving Dillon and Dayton her family she was willing to show emotions.  She would love their little girl too and make sure she had everything they never had. The most important being love.

Ivy did a lot of bad things, from blackmailing, extortion, racketeering, even an occasional hit on someone that crossed her or hurt someone she cared about. In her mind, they deserved it. But, over fifty percent of her millions went to orphanages and foster homes. She would have Vince find random foster homes anytime they visited a different city and watch them closely to make sure they were the “real deal”. He would then put hundreds of thousands of dollars in a brown bag and leave it anonymously. Ivy was painfully aware that the way she made her millions was not an honest living and illegal. She also knew one day she just might get caught and pay her dues in prison. But while she took the risk and lived on the edge she would pay it forward.

Only Vince knew the real Ivy deep down. He knew what was in her heart. She didn’t want to ever let her guard down around him EVER. But, once in a while when she was drinking and relaxed she would tell him things from her childhood which would make his heart race. His eye would twitch knowing that someone could be so cruel to her or Dillon or any child for that matter. It sickened him to the core. He hoped one day they would pay….pay dearly for what they had done to them. He had no idea where Ivy’s parents were. He just knew if he asked she shut him down immediately and changed the subject. He had often mentioned to her that she might need to see a shrink to help her cope with it.

“I am coping with it Vince. For fuck’s sake I’m a successful hustler and have everything I could ever want. Why the fuck would I want to talk to a shrink? You think I’m crazy or something? I’ll show you fucking crazy Vince.” Laughing it off she would sip her wine and tell him to leave so she could go to bed. He would offer to spend the night but she always denied him. He was deeply attracted to Ivy obviously. He knew without a doubt she was into him but she refused to give in or to act on it.

Vince had just left Amici’s downtown after meeting Ivy for drinks and calamari. God damn how was it possible that she was even more beautiful when she was pissed off about something? It was July and she was wearing a white mini skirt and tank top showing off her honey glowing skin.Those little freckles on her shoulders made his cock twitch.


He was going over the pro’s and con’s of dissolving their heist ring. This was something Vince wanted badly. Ivy was the creator, the boss, the brains, the beauty, she was the master of manipulation. Would she really close up shop? Vince was ready for her to call it quits. He worried about her safety and most of all he worried that she would get caught, prosecuted and locked away. It would take some time to sell her on it. She had more than enough money to retire from the business. She could travel and visit Dillon, Dayton and their little girl more if she left the business. With her investments, off shore accounts, etc. she was set for life. Vince owned his own security company and was financially successful with his business so he would be fine too.

Ivy resisted as always….  “This is me Vince. This is what I do. I do bad things. I love the risk.”

He walked her to her car that night and kissed her on the cheek, “Just think it over. It’s dangerous to keep doing this.”

As Vince drove home listening to Start Me Up blaring through the speakers with the windows down he thought to himself…Now to persuade her….. I’ve gotta close the deal. You can close this deal Vince. She will listen to you. She trusts you. Keep after her. It’s for her own good. 

To only know what goes through that beautiful mind of hers…..

You know the drill – To be continued ….. ~Tatum~














Just our mouths By – Simon

Licking up and down my thick cock. Pushing ever further down my shaft, your mouth sucking up my throbbing length.
Your clit is being sucked hard in my lips, pulling at it it driving you wild for my cock. Your juices are nearly gushing from you and your moaning vibrates over my rock hard cock. You push that last inch down your throat. Fuck me that feels amazing. Sliding my cock from your throat you gasp, throwing your head back as you let out a string of fuck, fuck you body tenses as you yell out – Fuuuuucccckkkk!

Again you swallow my shaft, your body shaking as you cum over snd over. You’re taking it out on my cock snd fuck me I’m getting so close. Moaning into your soaking wet cunt. My body writhing under your shaking, sweating body.

Your tongue swirls round my purple swollen head. The veins on my cock standing out as you tease me to breaking. You know it, you love it and you keep it going.  Gripping my shaft as hard as yoy can, sliding up and down that bit of skin under the head. Fuck I nearly jump, all control is lost and your lips clamp around my throbbing end. My body shuddering, my cock pulsating on your lips as you suck the cum from me. Shooting into your mouth, hitting the back of your mouth, my thick load fills your mouth as you greedily drink my juice.

By Simon