Shower Surprise By – Charlie –

This is my first post – I hope you like it!

Charlie had just finished his session, it was still only 7.00am and the place was deserted, he liked the gym at this time of day it was quiet. Normally he was alone, but today there had been this blonde girl in too. He had watched as she stretched and pulled under that tight lycra. Like every guy at the gym, you had to look, but try and look like you weren’t looking. The steam from the communal shower warmed the place and Charlie slipped off his towel and put over the waist high partition between the showers and the changing area. Rubbing the soap over his muscular body he suddenly heard the door go. Startled, he turned around the there in from of him was the blonde girl, her body covered in a large pink towel, her shapely curves visible and enticing.

“This is the mens changing room sweet heart’” he blurted out.

“I know, I’m very sorry, but the showers are broken, can I join you?”

Totally surprised by this, Charlie replied “sure, no one else is here why not?”

The girl slipped off her towel and rested it next to his, diving under the hot water next to his, she wet her hair and rubbed gel all over her body. Trying not to look but not helping a sly glance Charlie examined every wet and soapy curve of her body.

“What’s your name?” Charlie asked

“Nicole” The girl replied

“I’m Charlie” he replied

“I don’t mind if you look you know Charlie, I’m looking at you you know and I can see you like what you see”

Stunned at this, Charlie couldn’t say another word. The he realised, oh fuck, he was definitely showing. His cock had grown and was half erect. Nicole turned to face him, her gorgeous soap covered body and gorgeous tits totally bare before him, his heart was in his mouth as she stepped closer, wrapping her fingers around this thickening shaft and pumping it slowly.

“I think we need to use this don’t we? It would be a shame to waste an amazing hard on like this.” Nicole purred to him, their bodies now touching, Charlie couldn’t resist anymore and pulled her into him, devouring her mouth with his as their tongues slid over each other in a passionate kiss. Nicole was squeezing and pumping his rock hard cock as hard as she could, her fingers weren’t able to get around his girth, she wanted it inside her, she wanted him now.

“Fuck me Charlie, fuck me hard, I want to feel you”

Nicole wrapped her legs round his waist as Charlie pushed her against the wall. Gripping his waist with her legs, their lips parted as Charlie clamped his lips around her nipple, sucking and licking her amazing tits. As Nicole guided his throbbing cock to her pussy he thrust up hard inside her. Nicole gasped as his thick girth was pushed hard and deep inside her, filling her and stretching her like he was nearly too big. With long powerful thrusts Charlie fucked Nicole’s pussy with every inch of this throbbing length, making sure she felt every inch. He felt her dig her nails into his back as the feeling reach deep into the core of her body, her whimpered cries driving him on. He looked at her face as he pounded her tight cunt harder and harder.

“Fuck Charlie… fucking hell yes… c’mon baby… harder” Nicole cried he felt the walls of her pussy grip him hard. Crying out Nicole came hard round his shaft, sending Charlie of the edge… pushing her harder into the wall he thrust up hard as he gave way to cum, feeling Nicole’s body shaking on him, her pussy convulsing around this throbbing shaft as his hot cum spilled from pumping cock deep inside her. For what seemed like an age, he fucked her full of his cum, the air filled with the sounds of their orgasmic moans.

Charlie stopped and rested, both of them breathless, Charlie’s cock throbbing inside her cunt.

“Well Charlie, that was a good start” Charlie put Nicloe down, still shaking she kneeled down in front of him and taking his semi hard cock slid her mouth over his shaft. Tasting the juices of the both of them Nicole pumped her head back and forth, taking his length into her mouth, then pushing hard she pushed his whole length down here throat.

“Fuuccckkk!!!” Moaned Charlie, all the time getting harder and harder.

It was getting too much again, Charlie picked up Nicole and bent her over the partition. He could see her in the mirror, ready and waiting as he slid the end of his swollen cock over the juicy lips of her pussy.

“Come on then big boy” she teased.

Charlie kneaded her ass cheeks, Nicole’s body still shaking, he slapped one cheek hard.

Charlie slapped the other, several other sharp spanks made her shriek with delight. Then as he gripped her hips he thrust his cock back into her again. Nicole’s vulgar cries made him push harder, deeper watching her fucked hard in the mirror across the room. Nicole was gripping the partition for all she was worth, Charlie’s powerful thrusts were exhausting, but she had never felt sex like this. His cock was so big and his body so powerful, she had lost count of the orgasms. Her cunt just kept cumming around his throbbing shaft. Her wet hair was a mess and her body was quaking with nearly every thrust.

With a pained cry Charlie cried “fuck I’m going to cum hard” Pushing back Nicole got back on her knees in front of him.

“I want your cum in my mouth baby”

Charlie wanked off hard in front of her, her open mouth waiting and ready, her tongue licking his swollen end. Then with a loud grunt, Charlies thick cum shot over Nicole’s face. Spilling from his pumping cock his cum spilled into her mouth, filling it up. Dribbles of cum dripped down Nicoles chest and body. Swallowing down Charlie’s cum, Nicole licked the end of his cock clean. Taking great care her tongue licked round and round his cock.

“That’s better isn’t it?” Grinned Nicole. Getting up they both cleaned up under the shower. They dressed and went to leave, with a promise that more shower time would be devoted to their gym sessions.

“Good session?” The gym attendant asked.

“’Scuse me?” Asked Charlie

“The gym session? Good was it?”

“Yes” Charlie replied “I was pumping that iron hard today”

“He was” Put in Nicole “I’ve not seen anything like it before” She grinned, then added “my thighs are burning after that leg press”

“I could tell something was going on up there” The attendant added “I could hear you two all the way down here”


27 thoughts on “Shower Surprise By – Charlie –

  1. Haha. Good story. One time at the gym, I was starting up the stairs from the weight room, when a cute redhead stood at the top. Being the gentleman, I stood off to the side to give her the stairs. She said, “you started, you might as well finish.” I could hear the umpire yell “STRIKE!” as I walked on by. This could have been a true story for me. Loved the pics, by the way. The woman’s feet are so sexy!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for the comment and your little story. I’ve never been a lucky.
      I like the pics to enhance the story. Ill make sure I keep them coming – Charlie

      Liked by 1 person

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