Shower Surprise By – Charlie –

This is my first post – I hope you like it!

Charlie had just finished his session, it was still only 7.00am and the place was deserted, he liked the gym at this time of day it was quiet. Normally he was alone, but today there had been this blonde girl in too. He had watched as she stretched and pulled under that tight lycra. Like every guy at the gym, you had to look, but try and look like you weren’t looking. The steam from the communal shower warmed the place and Charlie slipped off his towel and put over the waist high partition between the showers and the changing area. Rubbing the soap over his muscular body he suddenly heard the door go. Startled, he turned around the there in from of him was the blonde girl, her body covered in a large pink towel, her shapely curves visible and enticing.

“This is the mens changing room sweet heart’” he blurted out.

“I know, I’m very sorry, but the showers are broken, can I join you?”

Totally surprised by this, Charlie replied “sure, no one else is here why not?”

The girl slipped off her towel and rested it next to his, diving under the hot water next to his, she wet her hair and rubbed gel all over her body. Trying not to look but not helping a sly glance Charlie examined every wet and soapy curve of her body.

“What’s your name?” Charlie asked

“Nicole” The girl replied

“I’m Charlie” he replied

“I don’t mind if you look you know Charlie, I’m looking at you you know and I can see you like what you see”

Stunned at this, Charlie couldn’t say another word. The he realised, oh fuck, he was definitely showing. His cock had grown and was half erect. Nicole turned to face him, her gorgeous soap covered body and gorgeous tits totally bare before him, his heart was in his mouth as she stepped closer, wrapping her fingers around this thickening shaft and pumping it slowly.

“I think we need to use this don’t we? It would be a shame to waste an amazing hard on like this.” Nicole purred to him, their bodies now touching, Charlie couldn’t resist anymore and pulled her into him, devouring her mouth with his as their tongues slid over each other in a passionate kiss. Nicole was squeezing and pumping his rock hard cock as hard as she could, her fingers weren’t able to get around his girth, she wanted it inside her, she wanted him now.

“Fuck me Charlie, fuck me hard, I want to feel you”

Nicole wrapped her legs round his waist as Charlie pushed her against the wall. Gripping his waist with her legs, their lips parted as Charlie clamped his lips around her nipple, sucking and licking her amazing tits. As Nicole guided his throbbing cock to her pussy he thrust up hard inside her. Nicole gasped as his thick girth was pushed hard and deep inside her, filling her and stretching her like he was nearly too big. With long powerful thrusts Charlie fucked Nicole’s pussy with every inch of this throbbing length, making sure she felt every inch. He felt her dig her nails into his back as the feeling reach deep into the core of her body, her whimpered cries driving him on. He looked at her face as he pounded her tight cunt harder and harder.

“Fuck Charlie… fucking hell yes… c’mon baby… harder” Nicole cried he felt the walls of her pussy grip him hard. Crying out Nicole came hard round his shaft, sending Charlie of the edge… pushing her harder into the wall he thrust up hard as he gave way to cum, feeling Nicole’s body shaking on him, her pussy convulsing around this throbbing shaft as his hot cum spilled from pumping cock deep inside her. For what seemed like an age, he fucked her full of his cum, the air filled with the sounds of their orgasmic moans.

Charlie stopped and rested, both of them breathless, Charlie’s cock throbbing inside her cunt.

“Well Charlie, that was a good start” Charlie put Nicloe down, still shaking she kneeled down in front of him and taking his semi hard cock slid her mouth over his shaft. Tasting the juices of the both of them Nicole pumped her head back and forth, taking his length into her mouth, then pushing hard she pushed his whole length down here throat.

“Fuuccckkk!!!” Moaned Charlie, all the time getting harder and harder.

It was getting too much again, Charlie picked up Nicole and bent her over the partition. He could see her in the mirror, ready and waiting as he slid the end of his swollen cock over the juicy lips of her pussy.

“Come on then big boy” she teased.

Charlie kneaded her ass cheeks, Nicole’s body still shaking, he slapped one cheek hard.

Charlie slapped the other, several other sharp spanks made her shriek with delight. Then as he gripped her hips he thrust his cock back into her again. Nicole’s vulgar cries made him push harder, deeper watching her fucked hard in the mirror across the room. Nicole was gripping the partition for all she was worth, Charlie’s powerful thrusts were exhausting, but she had never felt sex like this. His cock was so big and his body so powerful, she had lost count of the orgasms. Her cunt just kept cumming around his throbbing shaft. Her wet hair was a mess and her body was quaking with nearly every thrust.

With a pained cry Charlie cried “fuck I’m going to cum hard” Pushing back Nicole got back on her knees in front of him.

“I want your cum in my mouth baby”

Charlie wanked off hard in front of her, her open mouth waiting and ready, her tongue licking his swollen end. Then with a loud grunt, Charlies thick cum shot over Nicole’s face. Spilling from his pumping cock his cum spilled into her mouth, filling it up. Dribbles of cum dripped down Nicoles chest and body. Swallowing down Charlie’s cum, Nicole licked the end of his cock clean. Taking great care her tongue licked round and round his cock.

“That’s better isn’t it?” Grinned Nicole. Getting up they both cleaned up under the shower. They dressed and went to leave, with a promise that more shower time would be devoted to their gym sessions.

“Good session?” The gym attendant asked.

“’Scuse me?” Asked Charlie

“The gym session? Good was it?”

“Yes” Charlie replied “I was pumping that iron hard today”

“He was” Put in Nicole “I’ve not seen anything like it before” She grinned, then added “my thighs are burning after that leg press”

“I could tell something was going on up there” The attendant added “I could hear you two all the way down here”



Hard As Nails – Part III By – Lennon –


The following week Ivy met Ted for drinks at The Keep Lounge downtown. As she sat at the bar with her legs crossed in a slinky black tight pencil skirt she stirred her dry martini listening to Ted babble about how “I can’t stop thinking about you Ivy. I dream about you at night and the way you sucked my cock. I want to taste you right this second. Meet me in the men’s restroom, I’ll be waiting.” He winked at her and sauntered down the hall. She sat drinking the rest of her martini slowly considering fucking him again before she dropped the hammer on his world. It took her twenty seconds to make the decision.

As she walked into the men’s restroom he was waiting and his cock was obviously already hard and anxiously awaiting as she could see it protruding through his pants. He backed into the stall as Ivy walked towards him. He shut the door behind her and hiked up her dress to find she was wearing no panties. He grabbed her ass cheeks and took in her scent which was a strawberry champagne scent from Victoria’s Secret. It was her favorite. He looked up at her and licked his lips…At that moment she put her fingers through his messy blonde hair and guided his head as his wicked tongue began licking and sucking. She let herself go and imagined it was Vince lapping up her sex. He was slowly circling her clit and then diving in and out of her tunnel with his thick long tongue…he lifted  her up with her thighs on his shoulders and fucked her pussy with his tongue as she held onto the top of the stall walls. She panted and writhed and screamed out Fuck! as she came. He gently lowered her and as soon as her heels hit the floor he unzipped his pants dropped them to the floor and grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her again as he slid his cock inside of her and started fucking her hard. He violently pushed her into the door thrusting harder and harder as she was holding on for dear life to his neck while he kept plowing into her. It was going in deep and deeper as it took her breath away.

Suddenly she heard a loud throaty voice “Ivy! Ivy?” As the banging on the door began Ivy knew who it was…..Vince. Oh God. What the fuck?

Ted was grunting and penetrating in all the right places ignoring Vince banging on the door or yelling her name. He was fucking her so good she didn’t want it to stop. Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head when she saw him. Vince was standing on the toilet in the stall next to them staring at her.

“Vince, what the fuck are you doing? Stop Ted, put me down now!”

Ted ignored Ivy completely driving his cock inside of her harder and deeper and at this point Ivy wasn’t into it as seeing Vince staring at her it completely threw her off.

Without warning Vince pulled out a Colt 45 and aimed it at Ted.

“Put her down now mother fucker!”

Ted immediately put Ivy down and pulled his pants up struggling to buckle his belt.

Ivy pulled her dress down…“Really Vince, was that necessary? I had it under control.”

“Obviously you didn’t Ivy. Unlock the door.”

As Ivy unlocked the door and stepped out Vince grabbed her and hugged her “Are you OK? Did he hurt you?”

“I’m completely fine Vince. Did you bring the paper work?”

Vince pulled out his phone and started playing the sex video of Ivy and Ted as Ted stared at it with his mouth open in shock. Ivy grabbed the folder that Vince had laid on the bathroom sink and showed the pictures to Ted as well.

“Now Ted, you didn’t think this was just a fuck now did you? You had to know that there was much much more in store for this relationship didn’t you? Listen up because I don’t repeat myself. My time is extremely valuable. We’re withdrawing $1,000,000.00 out of your casino revenue fund account right this minute. We know that’s your secret stash of gambling money from other bankers and investment brokers. Do you understand what I’m telling you? If you don’t, let me make myself very clear.”

Ivy and Vince had done their homework. Vince had taken photo’s of Ted and Ivy fucking that night at his house and had also gained entry right after he and Ivy got started. He had gotten pictures with his phone of bank account information, passwords and much much more. Ivy had also set her phone to video their tryst as well.

“I will ruin you with the video, pictures, and many other things that I currently have on you. Don’t forget you’ll be running for mayor next year too. If you want to keep your life in check with your beautiful wife, children, home and career you’ll not breath a word of this. Surely you can gain another $1,000,000.00 in a few months. I believe in you Ted. You’re the type of guy that makes shit happen. Don’t look so sad….we could’ve taken $5,000,000.00 but we didn’t. You see Ted, men like you are a dime a dozen. You think with your glorious thick cock and forget that you already have everything you could ever want. But then you see this prime piece of ass and have to have it. You can’t keep that beautiful cock of yours inside your pants can you. I might be back for more money some day and you shouldn’t resist me Ted. Never resist. Besides, maybe I’ll fuck your wife next time Ted. She is quite sexy. You get what you fucking deserve Ted. I’ll see you soon…or maybe not.” 

Ivy and Vince turned and strolled out of the men’s restroom without a second glance at Ted. As they walked out of the restaurant Vince opened the passenger door to his black Chevelle and helped Ivy into the car. He shut the door and leaned into the window looking deep into Ivy’s pale green eyes…”You are a fucking powerhouse Ivy. But, one day you won’t have to do this anymore. Someone is going to break your walls down and love you. Whether or not you allow yourself to love them and let them in is up to you.”


Ivy pulled her long dark hair up in a messy bun and rolled her eyes. Vince crawled into the drivers side and turned the key as the roaring engine purred he squealed out of the parking lot cranking up the radio to “Tonight I’m fucking you.”

….To be continued….














Crazy Bitch – Lennon –

I’ve hit a road block in my writing for Part III of Hard As Nails….So frustrating! Anyway, I’ve started it and now I’m about to escape reality for the weekend and take off on a trip with the hubby.

Sooooo, thought I’d leave you with one of my favorite songs / videos. This song is so fucking hot and I’m digging the video too.

And you’re so welcome Dudes and Dolls! Have a fucking fantastic Friday!

Mysterious Ghost Writer

I’m excited about a new adventure Guys & Dolls……

A very exciting handsome mysterious friend of mine will be doing a little ghost writing here on my blog.

I know without a doubt he will turn you inside out with thrilling mind fucking stories.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Not sure how soon he’ll post but I wanted to let all of you know.


Monday’s Music – Lennon –

Since I’ve not had much time to be creative this past weekend and to post Part III of Hard As Nails I thought I’d switch it up and post some music that always gets me turned on. It might not necessarily be the video that turns me on, could be the words, the beat. Music speaks to me and I’m sure speaks to you as well. I’m just posting a couple and I might start doing this on Monday’s. These always get my mind racing and in the gutter or make me want to fuck my husband senseless. So, you’re welcome! 😀


Hard As Nails – Part II – By Lennon


Vince would do anything for Ivy. In fact, anyone on her crew would do whatever she needed done and never question it. They had deep respect for her and were extremely loyal. She ran a tight racket in Helena. She exuded confidence. She appealed to men and women. She showed empathy to others but if you ever betrayed her or hurt someone she cared about….she would come for you.

She got her start by working at a car lot and she knew how to sell. She learned to hustle quickly. Once she got the sweet taste of money there was no stopping her. The owner of the car lot was also a bookie. She went on a run with him one time and watched him take a blow torch this the guys hands while she waited in his Lincoln town car.

It didn’t spook her at all. When he threw the blow torch in the trunk of the car and got back in the car he looked over at her and winked. “He deserved it didn’t he? He owed you a lot of money right Sunny?”

“Ivy, sometimes when people do you wrong, they have to pay. If they don’t pay and lie to you, you handle it. He’ll live but he’ll pay me every dime he owes. If I killed him, I’d never get the money, you understand?”

“Yep, I understand completely.”

She knew right then that she would hustle the rest of her life. She began a bank scheming racketeer a year later. She did her homework and studied up on the President of the largest bank in downtown Missoula and attended a charity event where she knew he would be. Ivy never had an issue  with seduction. She used it anytime she needed it to get exactly what she wanted. She knew all along he was married with children and was also prepping to run for mayor the following year. This would work to her advantage.


That evening in the courtyard where the little twinkling white lights were strung above she set her eyes on him. He made eye contact from across the pool as he was in mid conversation about the current status with apple stock. A waiter walked by her with a tray of champagne and she grabbed one and downed it watching him. He in turn was watching her as she licked her lips and grinned that mysterious smirk. He excused himself and began walking towards her.

It’s now or never Ivy. Make him crave you. Own him. You’ve never had a problem enticing someone before. Why would tonight be any different?

As he approached her, he showed his evil grin. He did have a fantastic grin. This will definitely be easy she thought. He was a beautiful man. He had messy dirty blonde hair and green  eyes. Although he was a bit overweight she preferred men that were meaty. Something about the “Dad Bod” turned her on. This type of guy was a man’s man. She liked what she saw and knew she would get a great fuck out of this.

In a deep throaty voice he said “I don’t know you but I want to know you.”

“Really? You do look familiar. Do you work in the financial world too?”

“I do. I’m Ted and run the Chase bank downtown.”

“That’s where I’ve seen you before then. I’m Ivy Nelson, great to meet you.”

“Well Ivy, I  know this great little bar a couple of miles down the road that I would love to whisk you away to for a drink which is much more private than this event. I’ve already contributed to the charity and made my appearance. Shall we?”

“I see you’re wearing a wedding ring. Do you think your wife would mind?” Smiling her incredible smile he leaned in and whispered “My wife isn’t in this equation. I’m seizing the opportunity right now of this exquisite creature in front of me.”

He put his hand on the small of her back and led her to his black Porsche 918 Spyder and opened her door and eased her into it.


He didn’t take her to the little bar down the street. Instead he took her to his stunning home which was probably worth eight million. He explained to her the wife and kids were in Vermont visiting family and how they’d have private time to get to know each other more effectively.

As they pulled into the garage and he helped her out of the car holding her hand leading her up the steps unlocking the door the house alarm was chirping. She watched him punch in the code and disarm it. She made a mental note 2064.

She went ahead and walked into the living room looking around and taking it all in and before she could put her clutch down on the coffee table he was behind her with one hand around her waist. The other hand was untying her dress at the back of her neck to release her ample breasts. He whispered while licking her earlobe “Turn around so I can see you.”

She turned around while he stepped back and sat down on in a chair unbuttoning his shirt with his glass of brandy in one hand. “I want you to strip for me Ivy. Can you do that for me?”

Hmmm, He sees me as virtuous and pure. Ha.

She laid her clutch on the table and shimmied the dress down her hips and to the floor wearing nothing but her lacy black panties and her black jeweled ankle strap 6″ heels.

“You need to be fucked don’t you Ivy?”


She began walking over to him with her long legs in those 6″ heels and he began unbuckling his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his thighs to reveal a thick  8″ cock with precum on the tip. It was an inviting cock to say the least. She got on her knees and began slowly teasing his cock with her tongue lapping up the precum and looking up at him with ill intentions in her eyes. He stared back at her in amazement as she took his cock further into her mouth. She slid it back and forth in and out and then licking the tip on and off with a villainous smirk on her face.

He was moaning and thrusting it into her mouth while forcing her head down onto his shaft making her gag. She then took complete control and stood up and shifted her panties to the left and straddled him taking in an inch and then put her hands through his blonde messy hair and began devouring his mouth with her tongue.

“Do you like the taste of your cum Ted?”

He moaned and tried pushing her down on his thick cock but she didn’t budge. Just one inch inside of her so far teasing him.

Ivy had skills, skills that would bring a man to his knees and they would come back for more over and over again. She owned them.

She slid down onto his cock finally. It was deep inside of her and then she began grinding slowly and accurately as his facial expression looked helpless. He was panting and begging “Fuck me Ivy, fuck me hard, faster, you’re killing me.” She raised up again where only one inch was inside of her again. She knew her power and she knew how tight she was and she had eminent control over him.

As she looked him in the eyes while gliding on his shaft she grinned tauntingly and went all in and began wildly bucking raising her arms over her head and pulling her hair up while closing her eyes grinding faster and harder “Hmmmm, you needed to be fucked didn’t you Ted, you needed it bad, Hmmm, who’s in control now Ted, who?” As she kept bucking with her hands holding her hair up she let her hair fall and opened her eyes to see him looking at her and she bit her lip and tightened her vagina as tight as she could and grabbed his finger and put it in her mouth grinding him deeper and deeper as he screamed out “You Ivy, You! Fuck!” She came when she heard her name out of his throaty cry while smiling her devious smile.

….To be continued….








Hard As Nails – Part I – By Lennon


After reading the front page of the newspaper Ivy was well aware Operation  Barsetti was complete. Although Helena’s population was less than 30,000 people, it had secrets within the locals. Who knew there could be so much corruption in the state of Montana?

Ivy was only twenty seven years old but had grown up fast, she had no other choice. Ever since she was ten years old she had to step up and take care of herself and younger brother Dillon. Both she and her brother had become very successful despite what they been through.

As she laid in bed watching the snow fall that particular morning she couldn’t help but think to herself how life could’ve been so much different if her parents would’ve loved them and been there for her and Dillon.

She thought to herself… Stop feeling sorry for yourself. What a waste of time Ivy.

She heard a knock on the door and grabbed her robe and slid it on grabbing her cup of coffee and checked the peep hole.

“It’s me Ivy, open up.”

After unlocking three deadbolts she opened the door to find Vince standing there with his day old scruff, coat and black gloves on.

Opening the door, “What’s up Vince? You couldn’t text or just call me? What if I had someone over?”

“I did text you and I called but you didn’t answer so I was worried. Anyway who would you have over?”

Ivy grabbed her phone and realized she’d had it cut off all night. She had drank two bottles of wine and needed a break from everything. Sometimes being off the grid was what she craved. She trusted her crew to take care of things when she needed it done.

“I’m thrilled that everything went as planned last night Vince. I trust that Marco made sure it looked like an accident and didn’t leave any loose ends. I saw it made the front page. Be sure to give him something extra for his diligence. I’m relieved to know Barsetti  is out of the picture.”

“You made the right call Ivy. There was no other way. After what he put Paul and Danny’s families through we had to have our revenge. Paul and Danny didn’t deserve to burn to death in that warehouse. Their families will now have closure. I’ve already spoken with them today and they’re overwhelmed with emotions. They have closure now and know that you’ve taken care of the man that killed Paul and Danny.”

“We protect our own Vince. All of you are my family. We’ll always take care of our own.”

Ivy sat down on the couch and curled her feet under her hips and sat her coffee mug on the table. Vince took his hat off and started unbuttoning his coat. Ivy watched and grinned at him.

“Why are you grinning at me and looking so mischievous?”

“You have a date tonight with that cute blonde bank teller. She’s adorable and seems sweet and naive. Remember, you are going to seduce her to get more information on the schedule there so we can make our move. Fuck her senseless so she’ll keep coming back for more. I need you to be ALL in.”

“Why must you pimp me out Ivy? What if I’d rather fuck you senseless?”

“I pimp you out because you’re completely fuckable. Women see you and run into doors. Have you looked at yourself lately? You’re a tall italian stallion with a chiseled jaw line and a smile that goes for miles. Do your job and charm the fuck out of her. We need this.”

“You avoided answering my question about fucking you.”

“I fuck myself pretty damn good Vince. Besides, I don’t need a cock from my crew. Things will just get fucked up if I were fucking you or anyone on the inside. It’s never going to happen.”

He pulls her robe back while sitting next to her on the sofa….”What a fucking waste all of this is. God Damn Ivy, you’re so incredibly sexy. I mean, I know you work out for your health and all but why even bother if no one gets to fuck it?”

“I fuck it. I turn myself on. So there. What do you need from me to prepare for tonight’s date, need money to get a new suit? How much do you need?”

She walks over to her handbag and pulls out five hundred and hands it to him.

“Ivy, this isn’t necessary. You pay me very well. I have plenty of clothes. This isn’t “Pretty Lady” and I’m not your Bitch. I’ve got this.”

Vince stands up and puts his coat back on and kisses her on the cheek.

“Keep your money. I’ll text you tonight. Have your phone on will ya?” He slams the door behind him….


….To be continued….













Next…. – By Lennon –

I wanted my followers to know that “The Chicago Presentation” has not ended. It will just be on hiatus for a few weeks. I’ve so enjoyed writing it but my mind has so many story lines aching to escape that I want to venture out of my comfort zone a bit.

Humor me will you? Allow me to write about sex, murder, corruption, power, and thrill seeking characters. I’m totally new at writing and I know I’ll never write a book or anything but this is my new found hobby.

Thank you for being so kind, reading, commenting and sharing your thoughts with me. I so enjoy your blogs and your stories. You all are so inspiring and so supportive.

Now, on with the next project!



The Chicago Presentation: Part V – By – Lennon –

As I was in the cab on the way to the boutique and couldn’t get HIM off my mind. I’d never had an orgasm that intense before. Would I ever see him again? Would I ever experience HIM again? At least I have the video I thought to myself smirking in the backseat.

After trying on numerous dresses I finally found one that fit me perfectly. I still had a golden tan from a few weeks back since I had a few days in Vegas by the pool. This particular dress would show off my curves as well as my tan.


On the way back I stopped at another boutique to pick up a necklace I’d seen that would accentuate the dress by dangling right between my cleavage. I was beginning to get excited about dressing up. Normally I wouldn’t so much but this was a celebration. I won the account and I deserved to celebrate with my colleagues.

I was ready right at 9 pm and took the elevator down to the main floor. Walking down the dim lit hall to the ballroom I passed a few colleagues as they gave me the nod. Right before I turned the corner to the ballroom I felt someone walking behind me with a quickness. I turned to see it was Steve, my boss. As he approached me he put his hand on the small of my back and said “Damn Tatum, you look fucking incredible.”

“Thanks Steve. Take your hand off of my lower back so everyone doesn’t assume things about us which you’ve already implied.”

“Sure, I can do that, we do need to keep what’s going on between us hush hush. But, don’t worry, I’m eventually going to fuck you Tatum. It’s just a matter of where, when and how I fuck you.”

“Not going to happy Steve. You sound like a broken record. It’s not going to EVER happen. Quit antagonizing me before I kick your supposed thick cock. These stiletto’s might leave a mark.”

As I walked into the ballroom they had a band playing jazz music. It was beautiful inside with chandeliers, candles, ice sculptures, a huge spread of salads, seafood, etc. I saw the bar and went straight to it and ordered my favorite, an amaretto sour. While standing at the bar and tossing back my drink I sized up the room. Now which guy is the owner of the firm that just bought our agency. What the fuck is his name? I need to meet him so that I make the best first impression. I could possibly get a promotion out of this deal.

Suddenly the music stopped and someone was on the stage saying something like “We have to thank Blake James for making all of this happen. We’re more than happy to be part of his winning team. Let me introduce the one and only Blake James.” The clapping and whistling began as I was trying to make my way closer so that I could see the stage to see this Blake James that had purchased our agency.

As I got through the massive crowd and began to get to the front of the stage I looked up and my heart dropped. Everything went silent for a split second and there HE was….I stared at him and he made eye contact with me immediately and stared back at me from the stage. The split second was over as he began to address the crowd saying “Thank you. I’m looking forward to a new exciting adventure with the agency. Tatum Carlier is outstanding and she impressed me so much with her presentation I knew I was investing in a very special agency. Cheers Everyone, Celebrate and we’ll meet again on Monday. Dance the night away.”

Holy shit! Seriously, I had fucked The Tycoon? You’ve got to be kidding me. I wasn’t happy at all. I never mixed business with pleasure. I felt disgusted with myself. He knew exactly who I was and had fucked me anyways. Maybe I should leave the agency and begin a new adventure myself. How could I work for the agency and know that I had fucked him and keep a straight face. How could I go on working for him? If I did, it would be incredibly awkward. People might see it all over my face.

I made my way back to the bar and ordered another drink and downed it within seconds. Steve was at the bar with a very attractive exotic girl wearing a short red strapless dress. I made eye contact with Steve and gave him a smirk and a wink. At least he’s getting a chic to take his so called thick cock tonight.

By now I’d ordered a third drink and decided I would dance the night away since we were celebrating. Fuck it. My as well enjoy the night. I took my drink to the dance floor and started slowly grinding my body to the music. There were tons of people on the dance floor and one guy in particular joined me. He was a tall muscular guy and was holding my hips as he had his knee between my legs. I had my arms around his neck thinking about Blake and what all he had done to me the night before.

I had my eyes closed and was feeling the beat and in the moment when someone tapped me on the shoulder. An older gentleman said “I’m sorry Ms. Carlier but there’s been an emergency. Can you come with me please?” He grabbed my arm and led me off the dance floor as I was stumbling for words “What kind of an emergency? Is someone hurt? What’s happening?” He walked me out into the hall and to opened the french doors out onto the patio and basically gave me a little shove and then closed the door and locked it. I was locked outside on a patio. It was freezing and probably below 40 degrees and there I was standing in a very short, fitted cocktail dress. I mumbled to myself “What the fuck?”

I turned around to walk over to the rail to see the of the city lights thinking what’s the emergency and hopefully someone is on there way to tell me what the fuck is going on.

Out of nowhere arms wrap around my waist from behind and HE whispers in my ear “Hi Tatum.”

Fuck me. God, why? Why is this man wrapping his arms around my waist and whispering hi in my hear? I don’t know if I can control myself with him and not only that, I don’t need to be around him. He is my boss now. What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Before I could think about it another second he had pulled up my dress from behind to reveal my ass. I could feel him hard against my ass as his hands found my pussy. As he fingered me he whispered “Did you like the gift I left you? Did it turn you on?”

“Uh Huh, it really turned me on.” What the fuck Tatum, why the fuck did you just say that out loud? Now he’s going to fuck you all over again.

He began licking my ear so softly, teasing me while fingering my clit. I sighed and let out a soft moan and that’s when I heard him unzip his pants. I turned around quickly and said “I want to fuck you so bad but we can’t do this again. You’re Blake James, my boss, the owner of my agency now. I don’t do this shit. I don’t fuck people I work for or work with.”

I pulled my dress down and began walking back towards the french doors. I could see people through the doors so I knew someone would unlock the door to let me back in. He grabbed me before I could get to the door with one scoop he had me around the waist and carried me over to a brick wall and pinned me against it where we were face to face.

“Tatum, I’ve never had a connection like I have with you. Don’t tell me you don’t sense it? Are you telling me you didn’t think about me all day because you’re all I’ve thought about ever since I left you curled up in bed. I watched you breath in and breath out and wiped your hair out of your face before I left. You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen and I love fucking you.”

He moved in closer and put his forehead against my forehead and stared into my eyes holding my face. He kept staring and waiting for me to say something. He smirked at me and then bit my bottom lip while staring into my soul. I couldn’t resist him. I caved and searched his mouth with my tongue as if I were searching for gold. I ran my fingers through his hair and he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. With my arms wrapped around his neck I felt the hardness of that fantastic shaft.

“Please put me down.” He looked confused and shocked. I knew what he was thinking, that I was pulling away from him again and going to walk away probably. But I didn’t, I lowered myself and pulled his cock out of his pants and slowly and seductively licked the pre-cum off of his dick. God! He tasted so sweet. I teased his cock while my hands grabbed his ass and looked up at him while licking it. He was staring down at me with his mouth open. I could tell he was so into it and so turned on.

I quickly took it all in and held his cock and sucked, licked, sucked and licked until he came while he had a fistful of my hair in his hand. As I stood back up he got down on his knees on the patio and lifted my dress and pulled my thong down to my ankles above my stiletto’s and began using his incredible tongue in ways I’d never felt before. He flicked my clit with it and then dove in and out of my pussy with it. As I held his head standing there about to cum I saw Steve across the patio staring at me while fucking the exotic girl in the strapless red dress. He had her from behind pumping his thick cock into her. I tried to pull Blake up to me to get him to stop but as I was pulling at him he devoured my pussy even more intensely and I closed my eyes and came. I couldn’t control myself.

Fuck me. I just came while watching Steve watch me while fucking some chic.

As Blake stood up he picked me up and carried me over to the rail and turned me around to face the city view and hiked up my dress again and grabbed my hips from behind and slid that glorious cock inside of me. He was slow at first sliding in and out of my tight passage. He pulled my dress back so it revealed my breasts and was fondling one of my nipples as he picked up the pace he whispered in my ear “You’re so fucking tight Tatum, I can’t get enough of you.” I looked over to the right and Steve and the chic are now against the rail a few feet down fucking and watching us. I had completely forgot they were still there as I was panting and Blake was fucking me senseless. Blake then grabbed my face and turned it to kiss him and that’s when he saw Steve and the girl. That seemed to fuel his need for me even more.

As they watched he plowed into me even harder and I was in ecstasy as he was breathing heavy in my ear saying “Let them watch, maybe they’ll learn something.” I moaned and took in the moment and couldn’t get enough of that cock inside of me. He was fucking me so fast and hard my feet were off the ground as he held my hips. I was hanging onto the rail in front of me for dear life while he bounced me. He really knew how to fuck me.

As he slowed down teasing me and driving me insane he whispered in my ear, “You’re like a fucking drug Tatum…take it baby, take it in, can you cum for me?”

As he grabbed the back of my long blonde hair like he was riding a horse he picked up the pace pumping me again swiftly and with ill intentions as I came saying “Yes! Fuck me Blake, Fuck me!”

Just when I thought I had the best fuck ever the night before he blows my mind again. As my legs were shaking and I was pulling my dress down once again he zips his pants up and begins kissing me holding my face. He says to me “Let’s get out of here, my driver is waiting for us.” As he grabs my hand I turn to look over at Steve and his beautiful exotic girl is on her knees sucking his cock and he smiles and winks at me while I flip him off holding Blake’s hand. Good for Steve, he didn’t have to fuck  himself tonight.











The Chicago Presentation Part: IV – By – Lennon –

If you missed Part III, you can check it out here:


Thompson Lobby

I waited patiently for my boss Steve downstairs at the Thompson Chicago lobby. I have to say this place was absolutely stunning. With my latte in hand I was checking my e-mails on my phone trying to multi-task and get my schedule prepared for the next few weeks. I had nothing this coming week planned so maybe I should stay a couple of more days. I began to daydream about possibly running into the mystery man again when Steve put both hands on the back of my shoulders startling me into reality….

Looking down at me he says “Tatum, you really did it this time….you knocked it clearly out of the park.”

“Of course I did Steve, I always have and I always will. Let me guess… were thoroughly impressed with the presentation and so was our client. They’re ready to sign the contract.”

“They’ve already signed the contract and they’ve also purchased our agency. I didn’t even know we were on the market but I guess everything is for sale. Shocker right? But, it’s a win win, this company that bought us owns this hotel, several other advertising agencies, a basketball team and God knows what else. Stan signed everything over to him last night and assures me we’re all in good hands.”

“Steve, this is a lot, I mean A LOT to take in. Who is this company and who’s the tycoon that runs it? Please God tell me it’s not some arrogant ass?”

“I’m sure it’s an arrogant ass but there’s a party tonight here at the hotel in one of the ballrooms hosted by the company that bought us out. It’s a celebratory kinda thing and we’re all invited.”

Steve walks around and takes a seat next to me. A little too close than I’d like for him to sit but whatever.

“So we’re staying a few nights before the next client meeting in LA next week then?”

“Yeah, looks like that’s the case. I can keep you company Tatum. No need in you not having a date this evening to the party. People are already talking about us at the office so we my as well act on the rumors don’t you think?”

Steve laid his hand on the top of my thigh and started inching it up…….




“Don’t act like a dick Steve. Just because you’re my boss doesn’t mean you own me or get to fuck me. You can look but never touch Steve.”

“Damn Tatum, it’s almost as if you’re asking for it, teasing me with those thigh high boots. Just give me one chance to fuck you. Once you get a piece of my cock you’ll be coming to my office every single God Damn day to get more of it.”

“Ha, in your dreams Steve. You honestly couldn’t handle me. Besides, it’s a conflict of interest. We work together and it’s never going to happen.”

As I stood up and turned to look at him he was sitting on the sofa with a hard on looking up at me….

“See what you do to me Tatum? Meet me in the restroom right down that hall so you can suck this thick cock. I bet you suck cock really well. I’d love a taste of your tight little pussy.”

“As delightful as that sounds Steve I have to go shopping for a cocktail dress for the party tonight so you’ll just have to go fuck yourself. Or there’s plenty of lovely prostitutes waiting over there in the lobby as well. They’ll be more than happy to suck that thick cock you’re referencing.”

As I put my leather coat on and the fur hoodie up over my head and walked out of the revolving door hailing a cab I couldn’t help but wonder…. Where is he? He knows who I am. He knows where to find me. Now that’s a cock I’d like to suck…..I never even got to taste him.

Now off to find a fucking dress.

….To be continued…..