The Chicago Presentation Part I – By – Lennon –


After my presentation at the advertising meeting in Chicago I was having cocktails with some vendors and associates on the roof of the Thompson Hotel. The anxiety had passed and I was ready to celebrate. I had presented a few times for our firm but not like this one. If I won this account my boss had promised me a very substantial bonus. I had no idea which one of the men were the deciding factor with the company. I had been introduced to all of them but how could I remember names or titles seeing as there were so many in the meeting.

As the jazz music played and I drank my third martini I began to feel more than relaxed. I was laughing at the most ridiculous joke a guy was telling me. I decided it was time to head upstairs to my room as I had an early flight back to Houston. I said my goodbyes and a few of the guys asked if I needed escorting to my room. I was buzzed but not completely drunk so I assured them I was fine.

I pick up my little clutch off of the bar and stand up feeling like my legs were jello. Why did I wear these 6″ black strapped heels? When I have a presentation I feel like I’m a killer in my favorite strappy heels. I ooze sex & success, it’s what gets them every time. My crisp white buttoned up shirt with a necklace around my neck and a nude lip stick was the routine.


As I approached the elevator a very distinguished blue eyed man with a dark grey suit on hit the up button before I could and waited patiently for the ding. As the doors opened he was a gentlemen by holding his hand out for me to step ahead of him. He then slowly walked into the elevator behind me.

He asked: “What floor are you on?”

Me: “Twelve”

He hit twelve and turned to look at me with those blue eyes. We made eye contact and then his eyes went to my lips. He stared at my mouth it seemed like for 60 seconds. I could feel my nipples getting hard and thinking to myself, I would love, absolutely love for this man to fuck me, I mean really fuck me.

I must be more intoxicated than I originally thought. I’m not one to hook up with a complete stranger but there’s a first time for everything I guess. But, this stranger was uniquely different. By now he had moved slowly beside me. I could smell his masculinity and his smoldering cologne. Oh my God he smelled like sex. He had salt and pepper hair with a beautiful golden tan. He had a wedding band on. He’s off the menu then.

As the elevator was still moving very slowly he moved swiftly in front of me and put both of his hands against the wall of the elevator pinning me. His knee was between my legs before I could move. He was smelling my neck and moved up to my ear, I could feel his breathing against my neck and it brought chills up my spine.

He whispered in my ear….

“Do you know who I am?”

I barely got out a whimpering “Nooooo.”

He waited it seemed like forever, breathing me in and slightly putting his tongue in my ear…..

“I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I know you want it. This can go two different ways. You can resist which will be rewarding for you. I love resistance. Or, you can give into me as you so desperately want to. I’m going to fuck you either way. You have no choice in the matter.”

For fuck’s sake I’d never been this turned on before. He could have me, he can fuck me, he can do whatever he wants. Forceful sex was new to me. I was usually the aggressor. I was up for the chase.

The elevator dinged and we had arrived at the twelfth floor. I pushed him off of me and bolted off the elevator. I was moving briskly down the dim hallway and as I got to my room and was fumbling for my door card he put one arm around my waist and grabbed the card out of my hand and shoved it into the door. As I saw the green light my heart jolted.

He walked me into the room with his arm still around my waist. I could feel his cock hard up against the back of my skirt. My heart was racing. I felt dizzy all of a sudden and I stumbled a few steps and he caught me. He pushed me onto the bed. He began taking his belt off and unzipping his pants while watching me the entire time. I was lying on my back watching him lick his lips.

He couldn’t wait any longer and moved fast on top of me. I remembered my role instantly. I said…

“No, get off of me. I can’t do this.”

That fueled him even more. He held me down and took one hand holding my jaw and began kissing me. His kisses were wet, slow, searching and so fucking hot. He pulled my skirt up with the other hand as our tongues danced together. He pulled away and looked down at my  my flesh colored lacy panties.

He looked me in the eye and said…

“I wondered what you were wearing underneath your skirt the entire time you did your presentation. Now I’m going to make you scream. You’re not in control here. I am.”

At that moment, I knew I was about to be fucked like I’d never been fucked before.

…..To be continued